November 2015

I DID IT! The puzzle is solved… 13k words so far…

November 13, 2015 // 0 Comments

The puzzle of how the book ends, that is. It just came to me, nearly out of the blue, while I was banging my head against the wall of The Codebreakers. Yeah, about 230 pages in, it starts to get a little tough. I think it’s not all me, though, since there’s a lot of abstract analysis and not so many walk-thru examples anymore. So I ordered another book, Cryptanalysis, which is an exercise book that lets you solve puzzles on the page (and has an answer section, so you can figure out where you screwed up). TBH I’m just not following the stuff in Codebreakers without a step by step process breakdown, and this other book looks like it’ll do the trick. I was just creatively giddy yesterday, for the first time in a long time. I started to make a list of viable reasons that the Hoard would become accessible after all this time, and next thing I knew, I had a conversation between Marc and Jesse and “Satoshi” at the end of the book. And all the [MORE]

And now…the HOT SEXY intro to “Strength in Numbers”!

November 10, 2015 // 4 Comments

Okay fine, skip all this if you must and scroll down to the naughty bits! I had some good financial news this a.m., enough at least to pull my chestnuts from the fire (see below as to why I must have chestnuts on the brain). And now I can R E L A X and get this book going! TBH I was not at all in the mood to write hot sexin’ as long as I had this nagging anxiety, blocking my energy and therefore my libido. That’s cleared up temporarily, and shit, temporarily is all we ever get with financial anxiety, right? I watched a really good documentary last night called Showrunners on Netflix, about the people who design, build and maintain TV series. And one guy (I think it might have been Shawn Ryan of The Shield but I didn’t take notes :0) who said basically, there are people who’ll come in to a network with an idea for a show and say, “We have five seasons all plotted out.” And his reaction was, well, they must not be very good ideas if you have that [MORE]

SURPRISE! “Strength in Numbers” coming by end of December!

November 7, 2015 // 2 Comments

Well, barring any clusterfuckastrophes in my daily life, anyway, to throw me off my game. My brain function is so abnormal, but I guess that’s what makes me a creative type. My absolute certainty (possibly misplaced, see below) that A Great Prince was DOA forced me to sit down and synthesize all I’ve learned so far on Bitcoin/crypto, and plot out Strength in Numbers. Because, of course, being absolutely certain that Prince is doomed, I knew I had to get crackin’ on something I knew I could sell. And I did! It’s ready to roll. There are still a few missing bits – WHY would “Satoshi” want to start a Grail Quest for his 1m Bitcoins in the first place, why send both good guys and bad guys after them? It’s the existential question without which the whole story makes no sense, but…since the answer isn’t revealed until the end of the story, I have a month or more to ponder that 🙂 But, I have all the puzzles I need, or at [MORE]

Waiting on “Look Inside”…for a week???

November 4, 2015 // 7 Comments

So 24 hours after publication, there’s no “Look Inside” for A Great Prince. And Amazon’s response? The “Look Inside” feature usually takes a week to appear after your Kindle book goes up for sale on Amazon. “A Great Prince: A Royal Bad Boy Romance” was published on 11/03/2015, so you should see the “Look Inside” feature on your Amazon detail page by 11/10/2015. You’re kidding, right? There’s a “30 day cliff” on Amazon – that’s how long you’re visible on new releases. You’re telling me that for 25% of that time, I may not have a visible excerpt? Is this new? Because that is a book killer, right there. Yeah, it’s Post Pubbing Depression time again! If I was a real pro, this is when I’m supposed to be beating the word “excited” into the ground. “So excited to tell you about my new release!” Instead, here I am, sharing the dread and dismay that every [MORE]

“A Great Prince” on sale TOMORROW! Are Princes a “thing” now?

November 2, 2015 // 0 Comments

To paraphrase Archer 🙂 Sabrina Paige’s Prince Albert is…#1 in the whole fookin’ Kindle store!!! Take that, John Grisham! So this is certainly time to strike while the iron is hot… It’s been good to FORCE myself to wait those extra days, not only to give proofers time to fix shit, but for me to think of little extra details – not big things, but little things, the salt and spice that enrich the broth. This is a good story, the betas love it, the timing is right, but of course it’s a crap shoot… Pay attention, self-pubbers, because this is going to be a case study in whether or not a good book, with perfect timing, the right title (see below) and cover, in a suddenly new “thing” like stepbros were earlier this year, can succeed without a massive marketing campaign. The other thing these extra days have provided was time for me to sit and stare at Albert and the #3 bestseller, Pretend You’re Mine. This book is [MORE]