December 2015

$80 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! Your donation counts DOUBLE today!

December 31, 2015 // 0 Comments

That’s $4,740 and counting towards veterans’ organizations since November 2013. has a donor who’s matching up to $150k in donations this month (damned if I can find the original email/FB post with the details, but I got a reminder email this a.m. about the match), and they were at around $100k this a.m., so…your $25 gets matched by IDK Some Rich Guy? But only if you act today! Or you could buy a copy of ALTB here: $80 is 1/2 the royalty income for December, around $160. And I gotta say, it’s a good thing I went back into KU. 2/3 of my book income this month was from borrows, and BookBub seems to be done with me for now, which is about a $600 loss over previous months… Maybe putting BOOKBUB KING as my profile pic on Facebook was, um, a bad idea? Then again, I only have so many novels to put up there twice. The only other MM author who ranks with me in BookBub frequency is L.A. Witt, and she’s got [MORE]

Back in the Saddle! Marc and Jesse underway again!

December 30, 2015 // 2 Comments

Yeah, nothing like three weeks off to recharge the batteries. I got 1400 words on Monday, then A Mysterious Illness on Tuesday, but right back in it today with 1700. So yeah, movin’ along. Barring any other shocks to the system, end of January finish looks good. The “Satoshi revelation” seems to have been a tempest in a teapot, and has been incorporated into the extant plot, FSM be praised (and JR, who suggested it). This has been a good time to think. To “focus on focusing.” Which is to say, to set aside my little ADD hops down various rabbit holes (ohh! New book idea! Shiny!) and get down to business. It’s Marc and Jesse, then Officer Joe, then a third Big Contemporary Romance, something something tennis player and bladesmith, I think… I know, it’s a risk using a MC in a “non-iconic” sport – the peeps love their football players etc. But I’ve been a huge tennis fan for ever, so the research is mostly done :). [MORE]

STAR WARS SPOILERS! My problem with the new movie…

December 24, 2015 // 4 Comments

WARNING STAR WARS SPOILERS GO WAY NO NOOBS ALLOWED! No spoilers until after the “MORE” break so go ‘way now! I was thinking about posting this as “Adam Vance,” since it’s science-fiction related, but it really is in my tone of voice, and yeah I want more people to read it than Adam will reach! Caveat: I was 14 years old in 1977, so yeah, that was the most magical age at which a kid could see Star Wars way back then. It was also the summer of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, so yeah, that was basically what every middle class suburban kid did all summer – go see those two movies, over and over. So I have that special connection to the Star Wars stories that only one generation could ever have. I haven’t been a “fanboy” of anything since I was a kid. I was a huge “Trekkie” (I know, snobs, I know), even doing the news letter for our local fan club, Starbase 36 (because Nevada was the 36th state). But I was always more interested in creating my own worlds than [MORE]

My Gay Agenda for 2016!

December 18, 2015 // 6 Comments

Yeah, I’ve been “off” for two weeks now, and I’m taking one more week before restarting after Xmas weekend. It’s counter-intuitive for those of us in selfpub to say, “I will be more productive if I’m NOT productive the last three weeks of the year.” But getting off that hamster wheel gives you time to “go home and re-examine your life,” and maybe make some strategic decisions you couldn’t make otherwise. I can see where I went off course this year, starting in the summer. We all loved Werewolves of Brooklyn on TeamVance, but, I made the mistakes of: Giving away 4,000 copies on a BookBub. Doing a giveaway contest on the book tour. Because that’s 1,000 people who signed up to win a free book – and lottery mentality says, I won’t buy it because I could win it; by the time they don’t win it, they’ve forgotten all about it. Not putting a “three wolf moon with a naked torso” cover [MORE]

Want to help Marc and Jesse search for the “Satoshi Hoard”?

December 15, 2015 // 4 Comments

I’m running an experiment to see who in this audience is using Bitcoin. You can send Bitcoin to this address (QR Code in pic!). 16sYJJX1bB1gijQCc9BBhmjAHBEeUcwY3K Donations of 0.011 BC ($5 as of posting time) and up will get you an advance copy of “Strength in Numbers”! Just email after you’ve donated, confirm your transaction and you’ll be on the list! (And yes, this is my “experimental” wallet! He who steals my purse steals [MORE]

Inspiration from Stan Lee…

December 14, 2015 // 4 Comments

“The worst idea I ever heard.” That’s what Stan Lee’s publisher said to him when he came up with a new idea. And the publisher’s reasoning made excellent sense, based on the market at that time. “First of all, people hate spiders, so you can’t call a book Spider-Man. Secondly he can’t be a teenager—teenagers can only be sidekicks. And third, he can’t have personal problems if he’s supposed to be a superhero—don’t you know who a superhero is?” The toughest thing you can do as a hungry creative is write against the market. To tell the story in your head when you need to put bread on the table, pills in the cabinet, cat food in the bowl. But, and I do need to remind myself of Vance’s Law #1 sometimes – you can make a thousand dollars doing what everyone else is doing, or a million dollars doing what only you can do. “To get the idea out of his head, a defeated Lee hired an artist to draw the character and [MORE]

“Strength” MAY still be strong…Still taking a Mental Health Holiday!

December 12, 2015 // 2 Comments OH FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER LET IT BE TRUE. That’s all I gotta say. I may not have to chuck all I’ve done after all. Still, that was quite the little nervous breakdown I had over it, and I’m definitely not touching shit until after the Darkest Day of Dark O’Clock. Which is only nine days away… I’ll restart in January. It’s all downhill from there as the days get longer [MORE]

Did I panic over “Satoshi”? I hope so! It’s time for a “Winter break…”

December 10, 2015 // 2 Comments

Yeah so obviously I FREAKED OUT yesterday at the thought that my whole novel was going to have to go in the dustbin of history. Now there are lots of credible people coming forward with legitimate doubts and evidence that “Satoshi” isn’t really Craig Wright, eccentric Australian. So, my book may still live, as is… But I need to put it aside for a while and see how all this shakes out. And honestly? I should be putting it aside anyway, right now, regardless of events. Fuck, I hate this time of year. Makes me crazy, literally, with the Seasonal Affective and the short dark days. I’ve learned the hard way that I shouldn’t expect so much of myself, especially creatively, this time of year, but I keep trying to unlearn that. Two years ago, I wrote The Worst Best Luck in the winter, not bad but certainly not my best effort. And I realized afterward that I should not try and deal with intense emotional content in [MORE]

“Strength In Numbers” just got squashed…

December 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Well, I’m fucked. Strength in Numbers is (was) all about the quest for the “Satoshi Hoard,” the 1,000,000 Bitcoins that have never been in circulation, now worth nearly half a billion dollars. More than that, it was set up as a “Grail Quest,” the idea being that the mysterious Satoshi, inventor of Bitcoin, was a great idealist. And now… We have two exhaustive news reports, one in Wired and one in Gizmodo, that have probably (always the conditional “probably” with these things) revealed the real inventor of Bitcoin as Craig Wright, an Australian inventor/genius. This isn’t like the Newsweek article, in which the magazine that recently declared on its front cover that “Heaven is Real!” misidentified “Satoshi” based purely on his legal name and a few coincidences. No, this guy is likely. And he’s a crackpot. Which is not a surprise, given the eccentricities I read about in the great cryptographers in The Codebreakers. He’s a climate [MORE]

21.5k on “Strength in Numbers” and HOLY CRAP! Nearly 300k words this year!

December 2, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, this book has been slow going. But it’s moving. I read the most hilarious thing ever in Interview. Garth Risk Hallberg wrote City on Fire, which is 944 print pages, which is about 300,000 words or so, depending on formatting. Hallberg said he wrote the first draft in three years. And the interviewer said, “Wow, you’re a really fast writer.” AHAHAHA! HAHAHA! Oh, God, sorry, excuse me. I’m dying here. I mean, let’s divide that up. Let’s even assume that this author is some kind of normal person with a life who leaves the house and shit and even takes weekends and holidays off. That leaves us with about 250 working days to write 100,000 words a year. That’s… 400 words a day. Or just over a page a day. In whose galaxy is that fast??? So far this year I’ve written: 17,000 in January to finish Have a Little Faith in Me 35,000 over seven Kyle’s New Stepbrother stories 70,000 for Would I Lie to You? 36,500 as [MORE]