21.5k on “Strength in Numbers” and HOLY CRAP! Nearly 300k words this year!

Yeah, this book has been slow going. But it’s moving. I read the most hilarious thing ever in Interview. Garth Risk Hallberg wrote City on Fire, which is 944 print pages, which is about 300,000 words or so, depending on formatting. Hallberg said he wrote the first draft in three years. And the interviewer said, “Wow, you’re a really fast writer.”

AHAHAHA! HAHAHA! Oh, God, sorry, excuse me. I’m dying here. I mean, let’s divide that up. Let’s even assume that this author is some kind of normal person with a life who leaves the house and shit and even takes weekends and holidays off. That leaves us with about 250 working days to write 100,000 words a year. That’s… 400 words a day. Or just over a page a day. In whose galaxy is that fast???

So far this year I’ve written:

17,000 in January to finish Have a Little Faith in Me

35,000 over seven Kyle’s New Stepbrother stories

70,000 for Would I Lie to You?

36,500 as “Adam Vance” for Artifice

50,000 for Werewolves of Brooklyn

35,000 for A Great Prince

…and 21,500 so far on Strength in Numbers

That’s 265,000 words, drafted, edited and published this year. And that doesn’t count the rewrite of Different People for repub, which involved culling about 10% of the old version to tighten it up, or the edit of A Serious Person to clean that up. Or blog posts. Or contract editing work. Or my Smutketeer columns. And add to all that the research on Amsterdam, Bern, and Berlin for Kyle; hacking and cybersecurity for Lie; Special Forces, guerrilla and asymmetrical warfare, and population-centric counterinsurgency for Artifice; wild wolf behavior, the Civil War, and old new York for Werewolves; the history and geography of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for Prince; Bitcoin and cryptography for Strength…

Fuck, no wonder I’m tired!

And winter is not my best time of year, mentally. When I’m rich, I’m going to take off all of December and January and just let my head rest. Jet off to some sun-drenched beach and cure my Seasonal Affective Disorder with a heavy dose of sunshine and a hunky cabana boy…

And Strength has moved slowly because it’s been challenging. I’m writing a techno thriller, so I had to understand Bitcoin and (at least as far as my dysnumeric brain would go) cryptography, and devise a clockwork plot that was as clever as Lie if not more so.

So yeah. All told it’s been a good harvest this year. This book will show up in early January, at this rate, but that’s fine – December’s a shit time to publish anyway.

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