Inspiration from Stan Lee…

“The worst idea I ever heard.”

That’s what Stan Lee’s publisher said to him when he came up with a new idea. And the publisher’s reasoning made excellent sense, based on the market at that time.

“First of all, people hate spiders, so you can’t call a book Spider-Man. Secondly he can’t be a teenager—teenagers can only be sidekicks. And third, he can’t have personal problems if he’s supposed to be a superhero—don’t you know who a superhero is?”

The toughest thing you can do as a hungry creative is write against the market. To tell the story in your head when you need to put bread on the table, pills in the cabinet, cat food in the bowl.

But, and I do need to remind myself of Vance’s Law #1 sometimes – you can make a thousand dollars doing what everyone else is doing, or a million dollars doing what only you can do.

“To get the idea out of his head, a defeated Lee hired an artist to draw the character and snuck Spider-Man in to the last issue of the shuttered series Amazing Fantasy, which went on to become a such a big seller that his publisher came back to him and pitched a series based on the character they both ‘liked so much.'”

When you’re self-published, the only thing stopping you from experimenting is you. And as I’m resting, retreating, and thinking about the future, I’m thinking about what I’m going to do next. I’ve been bombarding myself with doubts, “oh I can’t do that, that won’t sell,” etc. But really, what else can you do but what you do best, and hope for the best?

Marc and Jesse “as is” looks more likely every day, and thanks to JR for the idea of using this “Craig Wright” thing as a crisis, that makes them wonder for a moment if the whole Quest is a charade! I’m totally gonna use that. Unless Wright begins spending coins from the original Hoard, there’s no reason to believe he’s really Satoshi. Only seven days left till Dark O’Clock turns the corner towards spring!

Do I think I’m going to make millions of dollars writing gay romance? You know, it could happen, someday. Who would have ever dreamed that “comic books,” the degenerate mind-rotting bane of All Upright Citizens, could become a multi-billion dollar industry? Maybe what’s a “terrible idea” today is what I should do anyway.

4 Comments on Inspiration from Stan Lee…

  1. I don’t know what it’s like for you, but I feel your self doubts, as I think most of those who follow you do. I wish you didn’t have them because I think you are a genus writer. So do me and yourself a favor, make this your mantra. ” I am writing king of the world”, because I and many others believe in you.

  2. Harper Miller // December 17, 2015 at 7:44 am // Reply

    I loved this post. Continue doing you Brad!

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