Back in the Saddle! Marc and Jesse underway again!

Yeah, nothing like three weeks off to recharge the batteries. I got 1400 words on Monday, then A Mysterious Illness on Tuesday, but right back in it today with 1700. So yeah, movin’ along. Barring any other shocks to the system, end of January finish looks good. The “Satoshi revelation” seems to have been a tempest in a teapot, and has been incorporated into the extant plot, FSM be praised (and JR, who suggested it).

This has been a good time to think. To “focus on focusing.” Which is to say, to set aside my little ADD hops down various rabbit holes (ohh! New book idea! Shiny!) and get down to business. It’s Marc and Jesse, then Officer Joe, then a third Big Contemporary Romance, something something tennis player and bladesmith, I think… I know, it’s a risk using a MC in a “non-iconic” sport – the peeps love their football players etc. But I’ve been a huge tennis fan for ever, so the research is mostly done :). *I* think tennis players are HAWT, and hey, they are tall now, so there’s that trope compliance managed!

And, being a history buff, I already know a bit about bladesmithing, and that hasn’t been done correctly yet in an MM book as far as I know (you don’t just bang on metal for a while and get the pattern you see in Damascus Steel…). And that dude can and would definitely fit the Big and Tall requirements!

And then we’ll see about rabbit holes like werewolves and daemons and science fiction serials (okay, I will fit an Adam Vance story in there somewhere, to avoid burning out on all the lovin’ and sexin’).

2 Comments on Back in the Saddle! Marc and Jesse underway again!

  1. Harper Miller // December 30, 2015 at 4:34 pm // Reply

    I feel the beginning of a dirty joke coming on. A tennis player and bladesmith walk into a bar…

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