January 2016

$45 to IAVA for January, $4,785 to Vet’s Orgs so far!

January 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, January was a really bad sales month. That’s to be expected with no new titles out, and no BookBub or other life-saving promo. BUT, I’m editing Strength In Numbers now and sending it to my super-duper copy editor on the 3rd, so…yeah, pubbing that February 10th! I gotta say, I’ve come a long way in terms of patience. I used to just hit publish the day I finished something, then go back and do the “oh shit” corrections. I was so agitated! It was so urgent that I start making $ on this now now now! And that was when I had a full time job and didn’t really need every $ like I do now. And yet it’s now that I’m flat broke that I’m willing to wait a whole ten days to publish… I’m also coordinating my blog tour in advance, rather than waiting to do that until the book was published – when I would thus lose some of that precious time in the “30 day cliff,” the window during which Amazon [MORE]

Wounded Warrior Project, and the “A Little Too Broken” giving plan

January 28, 2016 // 2 Comments

Well, I called it in September 2014 when I cut WWP out of my donations from A Little Too Broken royalties. I knew then something was fishy: https://bradvanceauthor.com/2014/09/29/wounded-warrior-project-in-the-news-and-not-in-a-good-way/ But I had no idea of the waste and bureaucratic self-preservation at the top: But as donations poured in, many former employees say the group became wasteful. “People could spend money on the most ridiculous thing and no one batted an eye,” said Connie Chapman, who was in charge of the charity’s Seattle office for two years. “I would fly to New York for less than a day to report to my supervisor.” All staff members flying to the charity’s office at a military hospital in Germany traveled in business class, employees said. One current employee said her last-minute ticket cost $7,000. Mr. Nardizzi fired Ms. Chapman, an Iraq veteran with PTSD, in 2012 as part of a “management restructuring,” she said. By 2014, the group was spending $7.5 [MORE]

IT’S DONE! “Strength In Numbers” is complete! Pubbing By February 10!

January 26, 2016 // 5 Comments

Wow. It’s been eight months since I pubbed a Big Contemporary Romance, which as a matter of fact was Would I Lie to You, the first in what is shaping up to be a very hot series. Yeah, series. #2 doesn’t end with the semi-cliffhanger that I used in #1, but the door is definitely wide open for more danger, intrigue and hot hot sexin’! Marc and Jesse are not yet bored with each other, and I am not yet bored with them. When we’re all sick of each other, I solemnly swear I won’t keep “phoning ’em in” the way some writers do with their series (in all genres) just to cash another check. I can’t say I “lost my way” last year. I wrote what I wanted to, which, well, yeah, okay, that means I lost my way economically. I did a paranormal, I did a science fiction, and I did a heteromance, all of which were good and none of which made any money. It’s a shining testament to the strength of my backlist that I’m still [MORE]

In the matter of: Gay Fiction v. Gay Romance

January 21, 2016 // 22 Comments

Hear ye, hear ye, court is in session… I just read Andrew Holleran’s novel Grief. It’s the first novel I can think of that talks about what it’s like to be gay and what straight society calls “middle aged.” Which in gay society is basically, “whatever sexual attractiveness you had has, like the elves of Middle Earth, taken ship and Gone Into The West.” Honestly, it’s the first “gay novel” I’ve read in years. By which I mean, a novel about being gay, which is a very different animal from a “gay romance.” A romance is a trope-adhering fiction. In a gay romance, it’s one in which the main characters happen to be gay. In all successful romances, the genre requirements in play at the moment of its creation are upheld – for instance, since “new adult” came along, it’s necessary that both characters have Wounds and Dark Secrets that their scowling beauty conceals. The main male character (preferably both of them in gayrom) must be possessed [MORE]

Back to the “Drawing” board with the “Broken” Audiobook…

January 20, 2016 // 6 Comments

Yeah, I’m crazy. I recorded 7 1/2 chapters before I listened to or attempted to edit the first one. I know. Why did I record nearly the whole book before listening, even once, to a sample of the first chapter? I don’t know. Well, actually, I do know. Because I wanted to move on it, and if I did a little piece and listened to it and it sucked, I’d lose momentum. I know myself well enough. I knew I might have to throw it out. That didn’t matter. What mattered was doing what I had to do to get up a head of steam, to incorporate narration into my day. To stop and examine what I’d done and see how I’d “got it all wrong” would be to kill the whole experiment. The whole time, I was all whispering to myself, “I should turn off the fridge, I should move the computer,” but I didn’t. I sort of knew in some way that when I went to edit, no amount of Noise Print/Noise Reduction was going to take out the weird high aftereffects of the [MORE]

Marc’s Backstory from “Strength” – WARNING tough sledding ahead…

January 18, 2016 // 6 Comments

Yeah, don’t read if you don’t wanna cry. I know, fuckin’ everyone says that, every writer bursts into tears when they finish their grocery lists. Seriously though. It’s heavy.   There is no doubt that for a young person of quick mind, there are few punishments more terrible than spending one’s days in the classrooms of a mediocre public high school. And yet, here was Marc Julian, who should have been in a “gifted students” academy, enduring his senior year at Coppersmith High. A prisoner on Devil’s Island could hardly feel more despair at his state than a brilliant, hormonal teenager forced to endure the learning pace of the dolts around him. The problem was political, really. Marc’s parents were academics who were, unfortunately for Marc, firm believers in their duty to “stay put” in the public school system. They had vowed to work to improve it, rather than abandoning it for a private or charter school. They were also trying to teach Marc [MORE]

Kindle Unlimited $ Now Down 20% from July’s rate…

January 16, 2016 // 1 Comment

Yeah. The first month of the New Economic Order, July 2015, it was a shocking and upsetting $0.005779 a page. December 2015’s rate, released yesterday? $0.004609. So the pay-per-page is now down…20% since the program started. At that rate, we can confidently forecast a compensation rate of $0.000000 by the middle of 2017, which will no doubt be announced, like every unpleasant piece of corporate information, as “exciting news!” Just when we thought it couldn’t go any lower… There seems to be no bottom in sight. And no alternative. The Seattle Experiment is a success – all authors have now been completely beaten into abject submission and acceptance of the ever-diminishing servings of gruel. It’s definitely a program geared to the “top 1%” of writers, who started reaping much more of the monies after the pay-per-page switch in July, but… but… I must think even they are feeling a 20% income decline. [MORE]

36k of Marc and Jesse, and 2/3 of “A Little Too Broken” narrated!

January 15, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, it’s an education, reading more deeply into the ‘zon’s audiobook practices. Not as lucrative as I’d thought, for sure. I was thinking I could price my audiobook as I wish, but no. I was thinking I could opt in or out of “Whispersync” deep discounts for adding audio to my ebooks, but no. Q. I do not want Whispersync for Voice-enabled on my content. How can I prevent my titles from being enabled for Whispersync for Voice? A. Whispersync for Voice is a feature Audible proudly offers to customers, and it cannot be disabled. Whispersync for Voice adds value to a customer’s reading experience and raises awareness for an author’s titles by linking the Audible edition to the Kindle edition blah blah blah corporate bullshit that means you’re going to take a loss on this.   Each retailer of your audiobook independently prices your product and determines such price in their sole discretion. While not always the case, the regular [MORE]

IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! “A Little Too Broken” – The Audiobook!

January 10, 2016 // 4 Comments

Yep. I thought about holding back the news until I was 100% done recording, because, you know, I’ve been so blah blah I’m a gonna real soon blah, but…I’ve done 75 out of 150 pages this week, knocking out 15 pages on a good day. So, that means the recording part will be DONE next week. There were a few things that have been holding me back since I first decided I’d start doing audiobooks in, what, September, October? And one big thing that’s broken the log jam. First, it took me a while to accept that I couldn’t “go it alone.” It took me three months to lick my wounds, learn my lessons, and accept the Dark Side – that is, the inevitability of Amazon/Audible. A handful of people (thanks!) bought “Bradiobooks” from my Shopify store, but my attempt at being a one-man Rebel Alliance was a fool’s errand. Everybody hates Amazon, and everybody shops there. Nobody wants to buy an audiobook that has to be downloaded [MORE]

32,500 words on “Strength in Numbers”!

January 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, pretty much the halfway point. A bit slow this a.m., but I’ve got the boys to Argentina, where they’ll find the next clue on their quest for the “Satoshi Hoard.” AND, I’ve got three count ’em three hot sexin’ scenes in the can already, and I’m only halfway through. Every time a reader gets bored with the Bitcoin stuff, they can just skim a few pages and get to some more sexin’! As always, backstory is critical to character development, and I just finished Marc’s bit of that, taking him back to his high school days and a tragic loss. I’m going to run it past a couple advance readers – not sure if I hit the tone I need for it or not. Jesse’s backstory in this one will pick up with his release from prison, the formation of his “team,” and their first score, which I am pleased to say will involve a take-down of someone whose name is absolutely not Martin Shkreli and resembles him in no way [MORE]