32,500 words on “Strength in Numbers”!

Yeah, pretty much the halfway point. A bit slow this a.m., but I’ve got the boys to Argentina, where they’ll find the next clue on their quest for the “Satoshi Hoard.”

AND, I’ve got three count ’em three hot sexin’ scenes in the can already, and I’m only halfway through. Every time a reader gets bored with the Bitcoin stuff, they can just skim a few pages and get to some more sexin’! As always, backstory is critical to character development, and I just finished Marc’s bit of that, taking him back to his high school days and a tragic loss. I’m going to run it past a couple advance readers – not sure if I hit the tone I need for it or not.

Jesse’s backstory in this one will pick up with his release from prison, the formation of his “team,” and their first score, which I am pleased to say will involve a take-down of someone whose name is absolutely not Martin Shkreli and resembles him in no way whatsoever! Just like that Bojack Horseman episode that was absolutely not at all about Scientology for sure!

My post on “awards season” really took off hit-wise, clearly resonating with many other authors. It’s funny how just “fessing up,” being completely honest about how stressful and exhausting it is, could help so many others dealing with the same stress. Instead of, you know, playing the game, going along with the rules, never confessing how draining it is, the suspense, the excitement, the letdown…

The nice thing is that I bet that post made lots of people say, “Well! The Nerve! No Soup For You!” And now I never have to worry about Awards Season again! WHOOO!


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