Kindle Unlimited $ Now Down 20% from July’s rate…

Yeah. The first month of the New Economic Order, July 2015, it was a shocking and upsetting $0.005779 a page. December 2015’s rate, released yesterday? $0.004609. So the pay-per-page is now down…20% since the program started. At that rate, we can confidently forecast a compensation rate of $0.000000 by the middle of 2017, which will no doubt be announced, like every unpleasant piece of corporate information, as “exciting news!”

Just when we thought it couldn’t go any lower… There seems to be no bottom in sight. And no alternative. The Seattle Experiment is a success – all authors have now been completely beaten into abject submission and acceptance of the ever-diminishing servings of gruel.

It’s definitely a program geared to the “top 1%” of writers, who started reaping much more of the monies after the pay-per-page switch in July, but… but… I must think even they are feeling a 20% income decline. Right?

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