IT’S DONE! “Strength In Numbers” is complete! Pubbing By February 10!

Wow. It’s been eight months since I pubbed a Big Contemporary Romance, which as a matter of fact was Would I Lie to You, the first in what is shaping up to be a very hot series. Yeah, series. #2 doesn’t end with the semi-cliffhanger that I used in #1, but the door is definitely wide open for more danger, intrigue and hot hot sexin’! Marc and Jesse are not yet bored with each other, and I am not yet bored with them. When we’re all sick of each other, I solemnly swear I won’t keep “phoning ’em in” the way some writers do with their series (in all genres) just to cash another check.

I can’t say I “lost my way” last year. I wrote what I wanted to, which, well, yeah, okay, that means I lost my way economically. I did a paranormal, I did a science fiction, and I did a heteromance, all of which were good and none of which made any money. It’s a shining testament to the strength of my backlist that I’m still making any money at all…

I’ve got three more novels in the pipeline now – well, four if you count Marc and Jesse #3, but that is merely a number and not an idea right now.

I’ve got On My Honor aka Officer Joe. That’s going to take some research and some thinking. I need to read a lot about policing, and I need to think hard on how I’m going to address racial issues in this “star crossed lovers” story of a white cop and a biracial journalist. It could blow up in my face, but then, that was my worry with A Little Too Broken, which came out fine, and besides what’s life without some creative risk? I’m steering hard away from all the non-MM work I want to do, because I need to refill my buckets with ducats. But that doesn’t mean I’m just going to write some flavorless mush…

I’ve got Grifterella, a quick fun crazy story I may do first – it’s actually one of Dane’s stories-within-a-story from Apollo’s Curse, and since it’s entirely plotted out, why not make it a novel after all? (“But,” he said with hard won wisdom, “with two dudes in this version instead of a dude and a chick, which I can’t sell.”)

I’ve got (working title) Other Than Honorable, about a guy who’s a hero in a USS Cole/USS Samuel B. Roberts situation (ship under attack in the Persian Gulf pre-9/11), who’s then kicked out for being gay despite his heroics, and how he comes to terms over the years with his bitterness and anger. (Trope, trope, I have to make him like 18 when it happens in 2000 so that he’s “only” 36 now, and still in the acceptably attractive age range for Male Leads…you know, there’s a post to be written about how gay male characters in MM are like female characters in Hollywood – at a certain not-so-old age, the jobs dry up…)

Yes, I would love to write another Werewolves book. And once I can actually afford to stop for a few months and write a money-losing book, I will. It’s actually freeing, knowing that since these are failures, I can do whatever the fuck I want with them. I can make the whole fucking book “backstory” if I want, all about Albeus’ initiation into the first Brooklyn Court. It’s not gonna sell anyway, so fuck the tropes!

And Adam Vance will sneak in here somewhere, when I blow a fuse and can’t write one more line of lovin’ and sexin’ and I just need to escape to other planets and do space battles and cerebral cogitation on nation building and counterinsurgency and the march of folly et cetera.

So…that’s the plan! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on official dates. I need to let this pie cool on the sill, then edit, then get it copy edited. But yeah, I’m finally thisclose to a new Vancedelay Industries product on the shelf…

5 Comments on IT’S DONE! “Strength In Numbers” is complete! Pubbing By February 10!

  1. I can’t believe the werewolves were a flop. It was brilliant. Glad i didn’t lose Marc and Jesse too

    • No, Marc and Jesse have done pretty well. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the people who read would I lie to you over the last 8 months will sign up to read number 2…

    • Also thank you for loving the werewolves 🙂 I did too and still do. It’s just a question of economics right now, but I will come back to them.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that the werewolf book didn’t sell. I really enjoyed it and would love to read a sequel. The cover was very unusual for a MM romance — do you think that was a factor? Maybe some folks looked at it and decided it didn’t look like what they wanted regardless of the description. Certainly it’s the most unique cover I’ve ever seen and I read a fair amount of paranormal MM romance. Maybe he looked too old.

    • Yeah I have no doubt the cover didn’t help. But I was obsessed with that photo when I found it, it really was the main character. I just get so sick of seeing all the books having basically the same cover. I really felt like my book was different and I wanted it to look different and I suppose I paid the price for that 🙂 glad you really enjoyed it, I did too

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