$45 to IAVA for January, $4,785 to Vet’s Orgs so far!

Yeah, January was a really bad sales month. That’s to be expected with no new titles out, and no BookBub or other life-saving promo. BUT, I’m editing Strength In Numbers now and sending it to my super-duper copy editor on the 3rd, so…yeah, pubbing that February 10th!

I gotta say, I’ve come a long way in terms of patience. I used to just hit publish the day I finished something, then go back and do the “oh shit” corrections. I was so agitated! It was so urgent that I start making $ on this now now now! And that was when I had a full time job and didn’t really need every $ like I do now. And yet it’s now that I’m flat broke that I’m willing to wait a whole ten days to publish…

I’m also coordinating my blog tour in advance, rather than waiting to do that until the book was published – when I would thus lose some of that precious time in the “30 day cliff,” the window during which Amazon considers your book a “new release.” I just need to write the blurb now…

This is the first “sequel” I’ve written, not counting the short stories. Marc and Jesse have had eight months to gather a fan club, and it’s going to be interesting to see how much critical mass has gathered, and will be released on publication day…

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