January 2016

Why I Hate Awards Season

January 3, 2016 // 13 Comments

Yeah, a new year, and another awards season. I gotta say I hate it. And this year, I swear, I won’t look to see if I’m nominated on Goodreads, or who won at Divine magazine, or anything, anywhere. It’s not good for me. And here’s why, which will no doubt ensure I never win another 🙂 You see, to be a self published author who hasn’t yet attained big time success, to fight against the tide of overwhelming competition for reader eyes and ears, to beat back the disappointments and depressions that hit every time Amazon changes the rules, to ignore every statistic on the likelihood of failure, to watch your latest magnificent creation greeted with public indifference… It requires a certain characteristic, which very few successful writers will admit to out loud. And that characteristic is the absolutely true knowledge that you deserve every prize ever awarded in the history of everything ever. If you don’t wake up in this business with a [MORE]