FOUR DAYS until “Strength in Numbers”!

Tick tock, Clarice! And yeah, I’ve already got ideas for #3, Game Theory. Its place in “novel queue order” is TBD, of course, based on the success or failure of #2. Suffice it to say that Marc and Jesse meet their match in a young Russian programmer and game theorist set loose on them by Leonid… I found the inspiration for the kid in this Bloomberg Business article.

Once more, my mild dyscalculia (dyslexia for the numerically challenged) will stand in the way of my understanding the “game theory” bits, but, I managed to understand enough about cryptography and Bitcoin for Strength in Numbers. And there are lots of “game theory for dummies” books that put the theories to work in business strategy or other non-mathematical contexts. Suffice it to say that our “Game Players” will be forced into lots of dangerous strategic decisions…

Yes, the (rerecording of the) audiobook of A Little Too Broken is progressing. Editing the audio is a bitch and a half – I’m using Audacity and at some point, wherever I cut or silence, it inserts this “click pop” sound when there should be…nothing. And I have to select that section and silence it, which inserts another “click pop” at the front of that selection, which then has to be silenced, until finally and mysteriously the click pop is finally smothered… Until the next time. SIGH. I’ll try the conventional “uninstall and reinstall” this morning, but yeah, if I’m really successful with audiobooks, in the future I’ll edit them for content and then dump the fucker on someone else to do the engineering.

And next week, no rest for the insolvent, it’s into serious research mode for On My Honor. I’ve got enough books on cop life to make Officer Joe (as always in a Vancedelay Industries Production) a realistic cop and not some cardboard cutout version. Greg the biracial journalist I have “researched” from my own days in journalism, so there’s that.

There was a really fascinating “data dump” from BookBub recently, about crossover audiences between their lists. A lot of them were super predictable – subscribers to Christian Fiction are 400% more likely to also subscribe to Religious & Inspirational, and 28% less likely to subscribe to LGBT. But this was a surprise to me – subs to the African American Interest list were 311% more likely to subscribe to LGBT. Wow! Check out the numbers; most of the “more likely” matches are obvious (Parenting/Cooking, Supernatural/Horror, etc.) but this one really surprised me. And here I was, worried that putting a biracial character into a MM book would be a “big market risk.” Maybe not so much….?


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