FINALLY! I have a mailing list! Sign up now!

I know, after what, three years? I had to provide an address for Mailchimp that, you know, wasn’t my house. And untangle the cluster that is a web page started on and moved to Hostgator with a Mailchimp signup. You’d think someone who could research Bitcoin and crypto could do that in his sleep, but no!

And all I had to do was, you know…ask for help. Thanks to Jessie for the assistance! You can click on that handy-dandy link on the menu bar, just your name and email is all I require…

5 Comments on FINALLY! I have a mailing list! Sign up now!

  1. Hey Brad, I am sorry but the link, FINALLY! I have a mailing list! Sign up now!  doesn’t get me to a sign-in page. Am I missing it? Thanks much/tim

  2. oh. DUH. “slap” 🙂

  3. Hey Brad —  don’t know if you’ll be interested in this (or perhaps you already know all about this)…in any case since you have posted comments about Amazon/KU I thought I would forward on to you.  This seems not to have anything to do with someone like myself but perhaps you would find it interesting.

    You know I read Would I Lie To You months and months ago and then recently book 2 in this series.  Since I have read a dozen or more  books (by other authors, duh) in between books 1 and 2, I feel I need to begin this saga over again and read book 1 and then book 2. I want to immerse myself totally in this experience you have created with all of these characters. It seems the way to do this is to start with book 1 and move right into book 2. Keep ’em coming. vbg   ~t

    • Good plan! I don’t think it’ll be as long between books two and three as there were between 1 and 2 🙂

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