Next in the queue…”On My Honor”!

Yep, I am sticking to my plan to write a lot of Big Contemporary Romances in a row. This one will be pubbed by the middle of May at the latest, to give me time to log the floggin’ before my Berlin trip in early June.

I’ve got 5k of outline on this one, and of course I’ve got my research lined up: First up, What Cops Know, which is one of the textbooks in the Criminal Justice class I can no longer possibly afford to take at the Uni Bloody Versity now that tuition is $700+ a class. Then there’s the previous 2011 edition of the textbook, Policing America, which of course is like $129.99 less than the current edition. And Police Procedure & Investigation: A Guide for Writers. Also, for backstory, Ghettoside, The Defender, Kaboom, and The Gamble. Yep! Lots of research as always. Y’all know I’ll never ever write one of those “he’s a cop and he’s hot so here’s some sex and we’ll never discuss his job again” books.

The post-pubbin’ depression is setting in on Strength in Numbers because it’s been three whole days and I’m not #1. I know – irrational. I’m not the Nicholas Sparks of gayrom, and that’s never gonna happen. That doesn’t mean it’s not depressing!

On the bright side, all the reviewers so far have said that the Bitcoin bits were not at all confusing or hard to follow, so that’s good. I even flogged it to a Bitcoin news site and the Bitcoin Subreddit – because why not, right? I mean, who else has written a Bitcoin cyberthriller? Hey, that new show Billions opens with a scene no less startling than the first one in Would I Lie to You? So hey, it could happen, right, a big breakthrough gayrom hit? Right? Just say yes and make me feel better.

7 Comments on Next in the queue…”On My Honor”!

  1. say yes. YES


  3. Ghettoside is on my TBR pile as well! If I ever get to it that is. I find it amazing that you do such in depth research before writing. Kudos!

    • Thanks! It’s pretty fascinating…and mind boggling. I wonder if it’s still true for instance that the detective exam is based on knowledge of admin rules and regs, not the skills it takes to solve crimes…

  4. I was typing a comment but then I stopped. My fingers would get me into trouble. LOL.

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