Book Tour stops at Divine Magazine…with a rave review for “Strength in Numbers”!

Yeah I popped this review into the product page right away! Read the full review, and an interview on my creative process, here:

What incredible fun! There is all manner of happenings going on in this cover-to-cover action-packed erotic thriller, which is the sequel to Would I Lie to You… In my many years of reading, I have frequently found that second books in a series are generally not as well-written as the first or the subsequent installations. That is absolutely not the case with Strength in Numbers, which made it a wonderful surprise. This is an intense, draw-you-in-and-keep-you-fully-engaged novel from start to finish…

The main and peripheral characters are well thought out, creatively written, and each brings something important to the book. None of them came across as “fluff” or “filler” to me, a fact that I very much appreciated. The end is beautifully written to allow for an HFN that appears to be leading to an HEA, but also points to more fun to be had in coming books.

Grab a copy of Would I Lie to You (if you haven’t already) and then immerse yourself in Strength in Numbers. This is a solid 4.5 star read that you will not regret!

2 Comments on Book Tour stops at Divine Magazine…with a rave review for “Strength in Numbers”!

  1. couldn’t agree more. This reviewer hit all of the nails! Congrats, Vance.

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