Today’s tour stops: MM Good and Happily Ever Chapter!

Check out the interview with Marc here, and letters from Marc and Jesse to their former selves here!

I’m 1/3 of the way through rerecording A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook. It’s been a learning curve, lemme tell ya. Those clicks I said I was getting when I silenced/deleted in Audacity? THAT’S what the “De-clicker” plugin is for – muffling those. DUH. I was just applying it to the whole file because duh. But…that’s me. I’ve always been self-educated and I almost never ask for help. It’s how I got into technology work, and how I learned to write fiction, and now it’s how I’m doing audiobooks. So I plow through, fuck it up, and then learn how to fix it. I was never good at acquiring skills in a rigid, classroom, open-your-books-to-page-one learning style.

It’s been a slow go, for a few other reasons. I can record about 1/2 hour at a time before I get uncomfortable sitting still, and it has to be in the morning when I’m fresh out of the shower with hydrated sinuses. When I’m doing emotional bits, it wears me out. And, of course, editing is B O R I N G. As tedious as grading multiple choice tests or writing step-by-every-obvious-step technical manuals (click here, click there, click OK you fucking dumbass it’s not going to click itself). Did I mention that if this audiobook thing takes off, I’ll farm this part out to a contractor? I’ll edit the content, and leave the boring parts (like chasing down all those clicks) to someone else.

And of course there’s been the huge surge of activity/energy around finishing Strength in Numbers, doing 30 or so interviews/questionnaires for the blog tour, logging the flogging on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And the editing work I’m doing to keep the Swiss Family Vance’s head above water. So basically, the project that has the longest shot at making $$$ is the one that’s getting the shortest shrift.

But…it is moving. Once I get one out there, in really good shape, and IF if flies, that’ll accelerate development on other audiobook conversions.

Should I ever incorporate, I think I’ll call my company “BIG IF, Inc.” Because I’ve finally learned not to give into delusions of affect (well, almost, every time I release a new book I can’t but hope for the Miracle Day that will launch me to superstardom), now I know to say about any idea, “If this sells, and that’s a BIG IF…”

2 Comments on Today’s tour stops: MM Good and Happily Ever Chapter!

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to tell you I don’t think the BIG IF is a good idea. Let that IF to others. Keep thinking you are going to make it… scratch that, you are making it right here, right now. THINK BIG and remove the if… But that’s just me.

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