Not making $ in KU 2.0? Pub a 3000 page book with a “Prize” at the end!

Seriously. The reason the rest of us are making $.0041 a page is because scammers have figured out how to get 3000 pages read with one click. Someone’s even posted instructions on how to do it, which I won’t link to because fuck them.

Take a look at this title (may be unpubbed soon, as this author appears to be under suspicion at the ‘zon already):

I no longer sub to KU, but…this is in the Look Inside for this book, and I’m told the “win a Kindle Fire” link pushes KU readers to the end of the book, and (though an Amazon rep assured a writer I know that only pages actually read would count) guess what? $12.30 per borrow. Amazon recently took action to reject books with a TOC at the end, but this “Click Here to Win a Kindle Fire” thing is still working for the scammers.

The “new improved” maximum page count of 3000 pages? Didn’t do shit to stop this, only lowered the scammers’ harvest to a mere $12…

As always, Amazon is so far behind the curve on this that scammers adapt far faster than a lumbering corporation can react, with all the PowerPoints and meetings and “key players” who need to be cc’d on everything. It’s because these scammers are taking so much money out of the pot that us real writers get less and less every month…

This one, same thing, the whole “Win a Kindle Fire” shit at the beginning to click you to the end.

Seriously, wouldn’t you think it would be easy enough to run a report on any book >1000 pages, and retask some of the Smut Patrollers in Cubiclestan to reviewing the first page or two to see if it’s doing this? (Edit: then block the title, see if the author/publisher’s output is mostly/all spam, if so close their account, and refuse to pay royalties for Jan, Feb and Mar – Jan being due at the end of March – because they’ve violated your Terms of Service, redirecting that money to those of us who didn’t cheat. JUST DO IT, JEFF.)

But again, before that can happen, it’s got to be meetings bloody meetings, and how long till all the key players’ calendars line up blah blah blah…in the mean time real writers are shafted again…

I’m pretty much done complaining about Amazon. They’re gonna fuck me sideways, and they’re pretty much a monopoly (given how many MM readers are in KU), and that’s that. I need to concentrate on my editing biz, where I get paid regardless, and start thinking seriously about just writing “for pleasure,” but that’s another post…


5 Comments on Not making $ in KU 2.0? Pub a 3000 page book with a “Prize” at the end!

  1. Nya Rawlyns // March 12, 2016 at 9:18 am // Reply

    Reblogged this on Love's Last Refuge and commented:
    This, a thousand times *this*!

  2. That sucks big drippy rocks. I notice neither one of those books had a page count, either. That’s one of the things I look for

  3. I know authors that won’t publish ebooks for this reason. They lose money from ebook readers but feel they win in the long run. There will always be thieves that figure out ways to make easy money. Not fair to those of us who work hard for ours but not much we can do about it.

    • Yeah, the issue is, if we’re so fast to pick up on these things…why isn’t there someone working at Amazon who can also pick up on it! And not only pick up on it, but have the power to act on that info…

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