“Colum’s Viking Captivity V: Breaker of Icons” in production!

Yeah, I’ll have a “release” in April, albeit just a short erotica story. But this is what I need right now, a 15k project with no heavy emotional shit. Colum and Viggo end up in Byzantium circa 811, and get caught up in court intrigue, shifting alliances, and religious nutjobbery. The Emperor in power is Nicephorus, who conveniently for Our Hero refused to recognize Charlemagne as western Emperor… and since Colum, “The Pagan Redeemer,” is Charlemagne’s mortal enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Nicephorus has uses for Colum, and for Viggo and his Vikings and their fighting skills. Fun fun fun!

I’m going to price this at $2.99 because fuck it. The only people buying #5 in a series are people who truly love 1-4, right? And it’s NOT going in Kindle Unlimited. 1-4 are in bondage to KU through the end of May, so there’s nothing I can do about that.

But it’s definitely time to look beyond this rotten, broken “compensation” program. I know that I have a hard core of readers who will eagerly shell out $3 or $4 for my book, and I think you’ll see quite a few authors throwing up their hands and exiting the program now. KU is like Wall Street, a rigged game that gives all the monies to the people who know how to work a rigged system. Wait – actually, Wall Street is a better bet, since even a rigged slot machine pays out sometimes.

OK! Back to work on the A Little Too Broken audiobook!

2 Comments on “Colum’s Viking Captivity V: Breaker of Icons” in production!

  1. Excited for you! I’ve had good luck on ARe. I think your Vikings are a perfect fit for that site, and should sell very well.

    • Thanks! I’ve always had a big burst on ARE just after publication, but after a month, sales there are near zero. Still, better than some unknown and unknowable amount from Amazon!

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