March 2016

The End of the Tour! Looking back on “Strength in Numbers”…

March 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

Oh yeah, and three more 4.5 star reviews! Bayou Book Junkie, Molly Lolly, and Inked Rainbow Reads! It’s nearing the “30 day cliff” now, and Amazon will soon toss it off the New Releases list. “Strength” wasn’t a bestseller, but I’m (finally) okay with that – it was a big hit with my fans, and the series is making me new ones, and I was overjoyed to hear that I’d done what most mainstream thriller writers can’t or won’t do: take a complicated technical subject, and make it interesting and understandable to a popular audience, without dumbing it down. Sometimes authors are so in thrall to technobabble that only other technobabblers comprehend or are interested in the bulk of their narrative. Tom Clancy “gun porn” books come to mind, with their endless alphanumeric catalogs of weaponry, or Neal Stephenson’s latest book, which requires lots of skimming if you’re not interested in parabolic [MORE]

WHOO! I win TWO Audio/Narrator Awards from WROTE Podcast!

March 2, 2016 // 4 Comments

I won the Velvet Chocolatier Award for the Voice You Could Bathe In! Definitely adding that to the blurb when I finally finish the A Little Too Broken audiobook. If you want proof, check out (WARNING DIRTY) Kyle’s New Stepbrother on Soundcloud, embedded here: I also won the Statistical Award for Most Listened-To Episode, which you can check out here, also on Soundcloud: Yeah, the ALTB audiobook is at the bottom of my priority list. A, I have paid editorial work for $$ Now, that I need to do before anything else. Then B, I need to do my research/prep for On My Honor, so that leaves C, the labor intensive and potentially not at all lucrative audiobook. On the bright side, for a reader to get that Whispersync version of a $18 audiobook for simply pennies, they have to actually buy the ebook, not just borrow it on KU. So there’s that. And it’s a grind. I’m good for about a solid 30-45 minutes of recording before I’m a goner and start stumbling etc. [MORE]