March 2016

WHOO! I win TWO Audio/Narrator Awards from WROTE Podcast!

March 2, 2016 // 4 Comments

I won the Velvet Chocolatier Award for the Voice You Could Bathe In! Definitely adding that to the blurb when I finally finish the A Little Too Broken audiobook. If you want proof, check out (WARNING DIRTY) Kyle’s New Stepbrother on Soundcloud, embedded here: I also won the Statistical Award for Most Listened-To Episode, which you can check out here, also on Soundcloud: Yeah, the ALTB audiobook is at the bottom of my priority list. A, I have paid editorial work for $$ Now, that I need to do before anything else. Then B, I need to do my research/prep for On My Honor, so that leaves C, the labor intensive and potentially not at all lucrative audiobook. On the bright side, for a reader to get that Whispersync version of a $18 audiobook for simply pennies, they have to actually buy the ebook, not just borrow it on KU. So there’s that. And it’s a grind. I’m good for about a solid 30-45 minutes of recording before I’m a goner and start stumbling etc. [MORE]