$30 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken” – $4,856 so far to vet’s orgs!

Yeah, though the book made $60 in March, this donation should be $0, since I took a big loss on the book last month. But fuck it, man, if I’m this close to bankruptcy, what’s another $30? (No doubt the kind of thinking that’s brought me this close to bankruptcy.)

I tried a new promo site, Bookcaliber, and um yeah. For $110, I got about 50 sales of ALTB at $0.99 – and I’m not even sure how many of those were from the promo, and how many were just peeps snapping up a cheap book. Oh, and really super great? The association with Bookcaliber means ALTB’s top also-bought is now… The Secrets of Real Estate Investment: Global Version, a self published book with four dubiously ecstatic reviews. Sigh…


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