Big KU Shake-up in the Kremlizon?

Could be, in reaction to the #Scamazon clusterfuck? Like the old Politburo review platform in Moscow on May Day, seeing who’s in and who’s out may be the only way to discover what’s going on at the Kremlizon.

There are four job postings of interest at Amazon right now.

Director of Product, KDP (Hilarious corporate hoo-ha in the job description: …entrepreneurial, results-oriented direct ownership product vision maximize business benefit great customer experiences developing a vision defining a strategy influence across multiple company organizations bias for action ability to deliver first class customer experiences…blah blah blah)

Director, Kindle Content Support (blah blah)

Director, Kindle Content Risk Management Now this one is interesting, after you put it through the decrapifier.

“A proven ability to identify new areas of opportunity and invent policies or processes to address those opportunities using expertise in disciplines such as business analysis, process engineering and software development.”

Now, for those of you who’ve never worked in Cubeistan, “opportunity” is Cubeish for “problem.” But there are no problems in Cubeistan – no, problems are bad. We never ever admit there is a problem. There are only Challenges and Opportunities to be met with bright waxy smiles and metaphorical sleeve-rolling-up. So what this really means is, I hope:

A proven ability to be on the ball when shit gets fucked up, and fix it fast by either rewriting the TOS on the fly to claw back money from scammers and/or at least stop them from making future bucks, and/or write software that detects scammers and other fucking-shit-up “opportunities” exploited by said scammers.

So polish up your resume now!

4 Comments on Big KU Shake-up in the Kremlizon?

  1. Well, well! It looks like they are realizing that IF there is a loophole, a way to scam, someone WILL find it. So (better late than never) they are working toward figuring out those weaknesses before the scammers do. That is good…I hope.
    Who knows how it will actually shake out for us!

  2. You are too hilarious! And it’s all so true. Thanks for a great laugh this morning. I needed that.

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