“A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook” is Recorded!

Now comes the non-fun part – editing the remaining 60%. I got through chapter four, and there are six more to go. Where are the Keebler Elves, can’t they just come in while I’m asleep and do the boring part?

That said… I need to stop and give myself credit for finishing the narration, and not beat myself thinking about the dull slog of noise reduction and slurp removal and de-clicking and gasps and fumbles and cutting all the takes that were retaken before they were reretaken. I swear to the FSM, if this is a hit, I am paying someone to do all that for me next time.

And that said. It’s been a long road since last June when I first announced this project. I can hardly believe I’ve gotten this far. Now I just need to muster the internal troops and buckle down to get the “boring part” done…

2 Comments on “A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook” is Recorded!

  1. jackschaeffer1 // April 9, 2016 at 11:03 am // Reply

    Congrats on finishing a long slog through the mud of this project. Just think of what you’ve learned, though. The next book will be easier, and the one after that even easier. I’m betting you learn a few tricks as you complete the editing to make even the “boring part” flow better. Keep focused on how good it’s going to feel to have this one in the can.

    • Thanks for the booster shot! Yes the editing is getting easier as I go, it’s just work that requires close attention and 10 minutes to get one finished minute sometimes. But yes after all this time the end is near 🙂

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