“A Little Too Broken” audiobook is LIVE at Audiobooks.com!

It’s true, it’s true…it’s really truly on sale at the first outlet.


I know, most people are waiting for the Audible version. All I ask when that happens is that you don’t spend $1.99 on the Whispersync version – see this article; I’m not the only one grumbling about the $0.80 Whispersync royalty. It makes me feel much better about going wide with my disti. It’s also part of why I’ve boosted my ebook prices – if people are going to bundle a cheap ebook with a dirt cheap audiobook, I gotta make up the loss somehow.

When the time comes, please don’t add Whispersync to your ebook purchase; please please please buy the audiobook or at least use an Audible credit…

That said. Surprise! I’m already 12% into recording Given the Circumstances! Seems I’m able to knock out narration of about 5% of a book each morning. Basically, I’ve made the decision to start blasting these things out, because there’s no sense in waiting to see if ALTB sells. It will be months before I know what kind of $ I’m making. The good people at Author’s Republic were very helpful in letting me know about when sales will be reported:

Our reporting schedule is on a monthly basis. You’ll be able to see total units sold and total royalties earned, broken out by month. As much as we’re trying to get as close to “real-time” sales data as possible, unfortunately we’re constrained by what our retail and library partners are able to provide us and when. (The audiobook industry sales reporting infrastructure is behind e-books, for now.)

So, this is my thinking: IF, and I am now a fervent member of the Cult of That’s A Big If, if only to save my sanity from Magical Thinking…where was I? Right. If ALTB:TA takes off, I won’t know for months. And if it does? What if I’ve just been passively cooling my heels all that time, instead of having more content in the pipeline?

And…I’m not writing right now, what with the “pubber’s block” I’ve got going on. So, why not start punchin’ these out, especially now that I’m a real fuckin’ pro and I’ve got the assembly line fully operational?

And I’ve also decided, yes, I’ll be available to narrate other people’s audiobooks, on a select basis. It’s almost not worth posting yourself as a narrator on Audible, though – about 95% of the jobs are “royalty share,” as opposed to flat rate. And as noted in the article above, if someone goes Audible exclusive and the Whispersync royalty is $0.80, and your half is $0.40… Basically, barring an ultramegabestseller, you’re selling your talent at a cheaper rate than your average chimney sweep, guv’nor.

So yeah…this is a happy day. It’s really truly true, it’s cleared the hurdles, it’s on sale, this is happening, my new career is really truly started at last, at last…

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