“Given the Circumstances” 22% recorded!

The machine is rolling… It’s really weird to be in this 19th Century communications mode re audiobook sales. As in, it’s like I’m pacing the widow’s walk, clutching my hankie, waiting for Ye Olde Schooner to bring a Missive from my Dearest Darling Banker. I’ve got a mail in to Author’s Republic to get more explicit info on reporting and payment… I don’t need the money now as much as I need the data now, need to know how much I am or am not making on this…

It’s funny. In five days, I’ve got 22% of GTC recorded, and of that about 10% edited and ACX-checked and ready to go. Since all in all it took me 300 days to get ALTB done, that means I’ve done in five days what took me (cosmically and metaphorically speaking) 66 days on the first book. And since it only took six days to clear ALTB from submission to sale, I can safely say that GTC:TA will be on sale by the end of May or first week of June!

I’ve accepted a narrator job when I come back from vacation, but just one… I’m hedging my bet against Total Economic Failure of this project by getting some cash on the barrelhead for someone else’s book. But then I’ll be back to narrating my own books. Marc and Jesse next, I think… I have to do these in lucrativity order, y’know – starting with the most popular/profitable books and working my way down the list.

If I Get Serious about narrating for others, I’ll need some credits on things besides romance, and I’ve been kicking around ideas for some public domain books I could narrate for practice, fun and credit (and for $$$ all mine, since they’re public domain).

Some Facebook fans/friends have suggested various stories and books, but, I decided that what I would really, really love to do would be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. To just be my crazy self and give my own voice to all these characters, to be unchained from anyone else’s renditions or ideas… (Think Maggie Smith as the Red Queen!) I wore the cover off The Annotated Alice when I was a kid – not that I understood most of the annotations, but I read that book and stared at the Tenniel illustrations again and again.

Of course, by the time I get done with the paid narration job, I’ll know whether my own audiobooks are paying off or not. And as you all know from reading this blog, shit around here turns, quite literally, on a dime, so who knows what the plan will be then. Curiouser and curiouser…

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