Great news on the audiobook stats front!

Who knows what tomorrow brings...

So, once it finally occurred to me that I could just write to Author’s Republic and just ask instead of sitting around wringing my hankie, I got something you never get from Amazon.

  1. A quick response.
  2. That is not a form letter.
  3. And contains the requested information.
  4. As well as useful information about future events.

I’ll never ever forget the time I emailed KDP customer “service” and received an email back in less than ten seconds that opened with “I do understand your concern.” No you don’t! “You” are a goddamn form letter; you don’t understand anything!

I’m feeling better and better about selecting these guys as my distis. Anyway, here’s the info for all you future audiobook self-pubbers:

The majority of our partners report to us monthly. (All the big ones – Audible, Amazon,, OverDrive, Hoopla, Findaway, etc.) In fact, everywhere you’ll currently be listed does monthly. There are a few others that we are in the process of distributing with who can do quarterly at a minimum, but we’re really trying to push them towards monthly so we can enforce this as a standard.

We get sales data for month-prior periodically throughout the month, usually towards the very end of the month. (We just finished receiving all of March’s data). All reports will be up-to-date on the last business day of the month for month-prior, and payouts will be sent via PayPal on the same day (tomorrow for March’s sales).

Now wasn’t that clear and useful? So, whatever I sell in this six day window in April since release day, I’ll know about at the end of May, which isn’t exactly a huge sample for determining project success, but still. And since I’ll be releasing GTC in May, I’ll have a whole month of ALTB stats and partial month on GTC by the end of June! (Not to mention the sweet sweet $$$).

In other words: I’ll know by the end of June whether or not this thing is a goer or not. Even my limited ability to grasp large chunks of time can deal with a two month wait…

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