April 2016

“A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook” is Recorded!

April 9, 2016 // 2 Comments

Now comes the non-fun part – editing the remaining 60%. I got through chapter four, and there are six more to go. Where are the Keebler Elves, can’t they just come in while I’m asleep and do the boring part? That said… I need to stop and give myself credit for finishing the narration, and not beat myself thinking about the dull slog of noise reduction and slurp removal and de-clicking and gasps and fumbles and cutting all the takes that were retaken before they were reretaken. I swear to the FSM, if this is a hit, I am paying someone to do all that for me next time. And that said. It’s been a long road since last June when I first announced this project. I can hardly believe I’ve gotten this far. Now I just need to muster the internal troops and buckle down to get the “boring part” [MORE]

Big KU Shake-up in the Kremlizon?

April 7, 2016 // 5 Comments

Could be, in reaction to the #Scamazon clusterfuck? Like the old Politburo review platform in Moscow on May Day, seeing who’s in and who’s out may be the only way to discover what’s going on at the Kremlizon. There are four job postings of interest at Amazon right now. Director of Product, KDP (Hilarious corporate hoo-ha in the job description: …entrepreneurial, results-oriented direct ownership product vision maximize business benefit great customer experiences developing a vision defining a strategy influence across multiple company organizations bias for action ability to deliver first class customer experiences…blah blah blah) Director, Kindle Content Support (blah blah) Director, Kindle Content Risk Management Now this one is interesting, after you put it through the decrapifier. “A proven ability to identify new areas of opportunity and invent policies or processes to address those opportunities using expertise in disciplines such as [MORE]

In search of that “Great Gay Novel”

April 5, 2016 // 3 Comments

So after my Complete and Utter Demolition of Garth Greenwell’s assertion that A Little Life is the “great gay novel,” and after Declaring in Said Demolition that such a novel would not be “yet another tale of rich people in Manhattan,” I put my money where my mouth is and ordered Beijing Comrades, a novel about the gay experience in China, and two more set in the Middle East – Guapa and God in Pink. I’ll be sure to Weigh In here when I’ve read them. Frankly, my interest in these books doesn’t come from an affection for the secret words of power, like “inclusivity,” and “diversity,” and “visibility.” It comes from a place of…boredom. I’m bored with the same story by the same people over and over. Gay fiction is just as guilty of generating Pringles rather than Kettle Chips as any other genre. And the lion of gay lit, Edmund White, just said the same thing: There are so many great topics to write about, but people keep harping on the same — coming [MORE]

Craig Wright to prove he’s Satoshi! Send me some Bitcoin, baby!

April 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

So Craig Wright, the man who was alleged last year to be Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, but whose claim was then dismissed by most people, is now going to “prove” his identity sometime in the next few weeks… Well, if he really is Satoshi, that’ll put the lie to my whole plot in Strength in Numbers, but hey, at least I got it out before that happened, if it happens. As I said in the book, the best way for “Satoshi” to reveal him/herself is to move coins out of the “Satoshi Hoard,” the legendary 1,000,000+ Bitcoin stash now worth, at today’s price, $417,000,000. Mr. Wright, if you want to prove your identity by sending some coin my way, ameliorating the sudden obsolescence of my plot, I’d sure appreciate it! 🙂 [MORE]

$30 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken” – $4,856 so far to vet’s orgs!

April 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, though the book made $60 in March, this donation should be $0, since I took a big loss on the book last month. But fuck it, man, if I’m this close to bankruptcy, what’s another $30? (No doubt the kind of thinking that’s brought me this close to bankruptcy.) I tried a new promo site, Bookcaliber, and um yeah. For $110, I got about 50 sales of ALTB at $0.99 – and I’m not even sure how many of those were from the promo, and how many were just peeps snapping up a cheap book. Oh, and really super great? The association with Bookcaliber means ALTB’s top also-bought is now… The Secrets of Real Estate Investment: Global Version, a self published book with four dubiously ecstatic reviews. Sigh… [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” narration nearly complete!

April 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

It’s true! I had a minor crisis in the last few weeks, when I had to have some dental work done. This little bar thingie was inserted behind some loose front teeth to stabilize them, and the unfortunate result was several gaps that, in the worst moments, made me sound like Sylvester the Cat. There was so much air and spittle flying through them that I could feel my upper lip puffing out during my “S’s.” I was in despair. That’s it! My narration career is over before it began! Even if I had $$$ for veneers, the dentist said it’d be a long time before I could even do that, because the teeth had to stabilize first. I told him about the narration and his only suggestion was, “Don’t brush.” I.E., eat some food, get it stuck in there, and record… Well, that was not only gross, but not too helpful. Talk long enough and sooner or later whatever cracker mush you’ve crammed in there is gonna get expelled. Also, nobody sounds [MORE]