May 2016

$5,000 MARK HIT with $40 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”!

May 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

I sent $40 this a.m. to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, 50% of the ebook royalties for May. And, “A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook” brought in $80 in April (it was only “on the shelf” the last five days of the month). As I mentioned before, since I’m teetering on the edge of financial doom, I’m still going to give 50% of the audiobook money as well, but…it’s on a “planned giving” program. That is, I’m keeping a record of what I’ll give, when I’m no longer broke ass. Right now I need that cash in hand to survive. That said! Adding the deferred $40 from the audiobook means…I’ve raised $5,000 for veterans’ organizations! And unlike Donald Trump, I can prove it 🙂 having meticulously saved every email receipt ever from the various organizations. “Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook” is about a day behind schedule, but that’s manageable. It’s the [MORE]

“Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook” at 66%!

May 25, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, it’s good to have the absolute deadline of my vacation to make me get this done. It’ll definitely be submitted by June 6th, and it took about six days last time before it went live everywhere. I *should* get the $14.95 price this time, since this one is 1/3 longer – it all depends on the iStore, though, since Amazon price matches whatever iStore puts it at, and they decided $9.95 for ALTB. Though it’s still $14.95 on Audible which Amazon owns so go figure that. And really, I have no idea how many people buy audiobooks on Amazon vs. Audible… Presumably peeps who don’t listen to a ton of audiobooks will buy single serving books on the ‘zon, rather than subscribe on Audible. I do have one little piece of marketing luck available to me – I’ve broken GTC up into twice as many chapters to make it more manageable as an audiobook. So, when said audiobook comes out, I can replace the GTC ebook with the new version, and get the [MORE]

Seller beware! Amazon’s “Self Pub Video” platform coming soon!

May 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, so Amazon is horning into YouTube’s biz, letting folks “post videos to its website and earn money from advertising, royalties and other sources.” And guess what… some of it a “split pot” game, just like KDP! The article notes Amazon’s “similar strategy” with KDP… Yeah, hope for those movie makers’ sakes that the same people aren’t in charge! The new Amazon service gives video producers many ways to get paid. They can sell or rent their programs on Amazon, or make videos available to all Amazon customers (not just Prime subscribers) in an advertising-supported format. Another option: Provide videos to Amazon Prime members and get royalty payments based on how many times the content is streamed, or as part of an add-on subscription. Amazon will also distribute $1 million a month to the makers of the 100 most popular programs viewed by Prime members each month. So, let me put on my Criminal Mind Hat… [MORE]

3 week “Brollywood Diet” for the next audiobook! And, Gilded Age Thoughts…

May 18, 2016 // 0 Comments

I’m resolved to get a chapter a day recorded, and edited, on Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook over the next three weeks. So that, when I head to Berlin on June 6th, this second audiobook will be In Review at, and therefore live when I get back. Multiple reasonings. A, I really don’t want to go on vacation with anything left “unfinished.” B, I need to try and get the Money Train rolling on audiobooks, and ALTB is just too damn short lengthwise to get past that $9.95 price point. C, if I’m going to get a job-job when I come back from said vacation, I’m going to need to relearn how to adhere to a schedule not dictated by moi, and easily altered by moi at will. It’s funny. Brandon Witt wrote a blog post this morning that’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along – it’s fuckin’ impossible to make a living at this job. And he’s the guy who says: I manage to stay out of 99% of the drama [MORE]

“Strength in Numbers” OUT of Kindle Unlimited…rest to follow soon!

May 16, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I’m done. I think it’ll be sometime in June before ALL my titles are out, but, given that I’m no longer relying on book income for the majority of my $, I’m feeling good about my Last Farewell to this program. It’s about all the Kindlefuckery that’s happened so far, but, more than that, it’s about what comes next… Which is to say, who the hell knows, but It Won’t Be Good. Let’s see. So far we’ve had a Gold Strike with KU 1.0, which in February 2015 netted me $20k in one month @$1.50 or so a borrow and convinced me to quit my job. Ahh, but…scammers took advantage of this, ruining it for everyone, because under KU 1.0, a 10% completion rate = 100% payment. So, the market was flooded with 10 page books, so when you opened it, Amazon instantly gave that “author” $1.50 for the 10% read. That then gradually sucked money out of the pot and drove down the $ per borrow the rest of us got. [MORE]

“Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook” at 38%!

May 13, 2016 // 2 Comments

Yeah, the Big Machine is rolling now on audiobook production. That’s about the news here, other than… I’ve made the decision to look for a (gasp!) job when I get back from my vacation in June. Honestly, I’m exhausted by the whole publishing business thing. I’ve got emotional laryngitis – I just can’t yell “Hey hey me me look look book book!” anymore. I’m done. And In This Business, if you’re not constantly promoting yourself, you are done, spit-roasted well-done. So, I’ll be looking for something that gives me a little financial stability – not, no no not, 40 hours a week in Cubicle City, not ever again if I have to live in a ditch. But something that lets me stop worrying every day about what’s selling and what isn’t and how much louder I need to yell to make it sell, if that even helps… Honestly, I don’t even know if it’ll hurt my creative productivity. Hell, it might [MORE]

Lessons learned (so far) from the audiobook release…

May 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

So, A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook has been on virtual shelves since April 26, about ten days. It’s on the Audible bestseller list at around #120, but I’m not as dismayed as I could be by that. I did a look-see at the top 200 bestsellers, and it turns out that 84% are “Whispersync for Voice-ready.” Which, I suspect, means that quite a lot of their position on their list is indebted to Whispersync add ons. It takes the ‘zon a while to “approve” you for the ravishing and pillaging your audiobook income gets via Whispersync, so I’m not hooked up to the Great Vampire Squid just yet. So really, I could be making more $$$ at a sales rank of 120 than peeps way above me who are getting nickel-and-dimed on Whispersync. Roan Parrish’s book In the Middle of Somewhere is the #2 gay romance audiobook bestseller (I’m discounting any info from #1 because it’s the sixth in a series). The ebook is priced at $6.99, and [MORE]

Satoshi Un-Revealed! The “Final” Word…?

May 5, 2016 // 0 Comments

Well, that’s that! Craig Wright has abruptly decided not to do the one thing that could prove he was Satoshi Nakamoto – move at least one of the original Bitcoins. And so, like Godzilla, the identity of “Satoshi” wanders slowly back into the deep ocean, to await the next Mothra or whatever. I never believed he was Satoshi, and I’ll admit it – I have absolutely none of the advanced technical analytic skills required to deconstruct his claims. I never believed it because he just wasn’t…right. He wasn’t the kind of person I’ve seen in all the reading I’ve done about cryptography. There is a personality type who is both attracted to, and good at, this kind of work. They’re Renaissance Men, who are as like as not to play the violin and translate Sanskrit for fun as they are to be encrypting or decrypting things. They have wide interests across multiple disciplines. Wright could lay claim to that, if indeed he does have a PhD is in theology, comparative religious and [MORE]

First look at “Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook”!

May 3, 2016 // 2 Comments

Here it is, Chapter One of GTC, finished and ready for your listening pleasure! I figured Chapter One would be a better sample than the Preface at this point. I’m at 29% recorded and slowing down a bit right now. The goal is still to get this sucker at least pushed out the door by the first week in June, so it can sit in review while I’m on vacation (which I am so ready for right now). I’m doing edits as I go, so that when I just can’t narrate anymore, at least I can turn to editing. I think I’m getting better every time…but you be the [MORE]

“Satoshi” revealed! Or not…

May 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

Well, Craig Wright has followed through on his plan to prove that he’s Bitcoin’s “Satoshi.” This is the best article on it, at least in plain English. The evidence is still dubious enough that my plot for Strength in Numbers still holds up (especially as the Craig Wright thing figures into the story). For all that it matters; it’s a dead letter in the sales department now. [MORE]