Lessons learned (so far) from the audiobook release…

So, A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook has been on virtual shelves since April 26, about ten days. It’s on the Audible bestseller list at around #120, but I’m not as dismayed as I could be by that.

I did a look-see at the top 200 Audible.com bestsellers, and it turns out that 84% are “Whispersync for Voice-ready.” Which, I suspect, means that quite a lot of their position on their list is indebted to Whispersync add ons. It takes the ‘zon a while to “approve” you for the ravishing and pillaging your audiobook income gets via Whispersync, so I’m not hooked up to the Great Vampire Squid just yet. So really, I could be making more $$$ at a sales rank of 120 than peeps way above me who are getting nickel-and-dimed on Whispersync.

Roan Parrish’s book In the Middle of Somewhere is the #2 gay romance audiobook bestseller (I’m discounting any info from #1 because it’s the sixth in a series). The ebook is priced at $6.99, and the Whispersync add-on price is $1.99, so basically, cheap bastards get a $24.95 audiobook for $8.98 by buying the ebook first.

The audiobook clocks in at 13.5 hours, which is, it seems, how Audible prices “books by the yard” – if your book is longer, then you can charge more money. Broken clocks in at 3.5 hours and they put it up at $9.95 regardless of my $19.95 MSRP. (But that’s because of “price matching,” it was $14.95 until iTunes goatfucked me by setting it at $9.95; Amazon always hastens to match either iTunes or Google Play.)

But…what I don’t understand there is, Somewhere is $17.95 on iTunes, but still $24.95 on Audible. So, maybe because it’s from Dreamspinner, a publishing house, and not from an indie person, is there some kind of contractual thingie that they won’t/can’t undercut/price match? Not that I want them to suffer, but it makes me wonder why I am…

NEVER MIND, MATH CLASS IS HARD, BARBIE! I forgot to look at the Amazon product page. They are also being goatfucked on Amazon, with an iTunes price match. Which makes you wonder why anyone would actually shop on Audible when they can get audiobooks on Amazon for whatever iTunes cares to sell them for…

ALTB is 3:31 according to Audible/Amazon, which makes no sense to me, since grabbing all my MP3s and getting their properties = 3:55. So that’s weird too.

The sweet sales spot on Audible is between 6-10 hours, so I know now that I’m at a sales disadvantage at 3.5 hours. Out of 1500 books on the best seller list, here’s the important #s:

1-3 hours (248)

3-6 (347)

6-10 (637)

10-20 (222)

So that’s good to know for Given the Circumstances, which should clock in around 6-7. And of course you can’t fault people who only have one “credit” a month per pricey audiobook for choosing one that’s going to last longer than 3.5 hours, especially if they’re nice enough not to do the Whisperthingie.

Financially, short term, I “hurt” myself by choosing my shortest novel as my first audiobook. But, I did have to pick the one that was A, a perennial favorite, and B, short, because who knew how it would all turn out and if it Ended In Tears, at least it So Ended on a small project.

GTC is 32% recorded, and editing is on hold – a minor crisis, when my Bose QC3 headphones shorted out on me. They have lived a long life and served me well…

Hooray for eBay, though, where these “outmoded” headphones can be had for only $80, as opposed to $300 for the latest model… Until we know what kind of money is coming into this project, I’m leery of putting more $ into it than I have to.

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