“Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook” at 38%!

Yeah, the Big Machine is rolling now on audiobook production. That’s about the news here, other than… I’ve made the decision to look for a (gasp!) job when I get back from my vacation in June. Honestly, I’m exhausted by the whole publishing business thing. I’ve got emotional laryngitis – I just can’t yell “Hey hey me me look look book book!” anymore. I’m done. And In This Business, if you’re not constantly promoting yourself, you are done, spit-roasted well-done.

So, I’ll be looking for something that gives me a little financial stability – not, no no not, 40 hours a week in Cubicle City, not ever again if I have to live in a ditch. But something that lets me stop worrying every day about what’s selling and what isn’t and how much louder I need to yell to make it sell, if that even helps…

Honestly, I don’t even know if it’ll hurt my creative productivity. Hell, it might even help, to have some of the financial burden and expectations lifted from said productivity.

I’m sort of kind of toying with an idea for a sort of kind of sequel to “A Little Too Broken.” Shhh…just an idea right now. Basically, it would take place in Tom and Jamie’s world, with them as minor characters, but would center around, well, what I read in this article about parrots and vets with PTSD. I’ve been fascinated by parrots ever since I read Alex and Me as research for Less than a Person and More than a Dog, and when I read this? Something just clicked…

If you read the article, you can see that there’s a lot of emotional heaviness there. So I don’t know how much of that I can take on, but…we’ll see. If the idea doesn’t leave me alone, whatyougonnado?

2 Comments on “Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook” at 38%!

  1. All the best on the job hunt. From (unfortunately) personal experience I know there is nothing more soul-sucking and creativity-destroying than a job like you describe as the cubicle farm – to be avoided at all costs. The copyediting business sounded encouraging as something providing a creative outlet along with significant income and I hope you can expand that to the point of not needing any outside job.

    As for the article you linked, my only reaction is WOW, after I stopped crying of course. I loved the book “Alex and Me” and have just purchased “Less Than A Person and More Than A Dog.” Another book you might find interesting is “Arnie the Darling Starling.” I don’t know of any research on starlings comparable to that done with parrots and crows, but this book would suggest that it would certainly be worthwhile. I find these aliens we share the planet with fascinating, especially elephants and parrots. With “A Little Too Broken” being the book that made me one of your devoted fans, I can’t tell you how excited the prospect of a sequel involving parrots makes me feel!

    • Thanks! we’ll see, but I’ve read that article 3 times now and just can’t let go outfit idea

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