Seller beware! Amazon’s “Self Pub Video” platform coming soon!

Yeah, so Amazon is horning into YouTube’s biz, letting folks “post videos to its website and earn money from advertising, royalties and other sources.” And guess what… some of it a “split pot” game, just like KDP!

The article notes Amazon’s “similar strategy” with KDP… Yeah, hope for those movie makers’ sakes that the same people aren’t in charge!

The new Amazon service gives video producers many ways to get paid. They can sell or rent their programs on Amazon, or make videos available to all Amazon customers (not just Prime subscribers) in an advertising-supported format. Another option: Provide videos to Amazon Prime members and get royalty payments based on how many times the content is streamed, or as part of an add-on subscription.

Amazon will also distribute $1 million a month to the makers of the 100 most popular programs viewed by Prime members each month.

So, let me put on my Criminal Mind Hat… Will Amazon call the “100 most popular programs” those that are completely viewed to the end? Or that just reach the immortal 10% used in KU 1.0? Bet they haven’t thought that out yet, because not thinking shit through is how they roll!

I can see video descriptions that say, umm, let’s see, “Tell us what the secret word is, revealed 10% into our video, and you could win a Kindle Fire!”

And if the scammers can’t scam this system, well, it would be great for small filmmakers, except that…

Well, it’s Amazon. And you know what’ll happen.

If you “provide videos to Amazon Prime members and get royalty payments based on how many times the content is streamed,” guess how often that royalty will change…and how very little notice you’ll get before it does!

Oh! Yeah! And your film will be rejected “for content,” without explanation, and told that forbidden content is “about what you’d expect,” so you’ll have no way of knowing what it is that got you rejected! Have fun with that!

If there’s one thing you can consistently count on with Amazon, across platforms, it’s that content providers, especially indies with no weight to throw around like the Big Guys, will get the shaft.

So Caveat Emptor, would-be auteurs!

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