“Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook” at 66%!

Yeah, it’s good to have the absolute deadline of my vacation to make me get this done. It’ll definitely be submitted by June 6th, and it took about six days last time before it went live everywhere. I *should* get the $14.95 price this time, since this one is 1/3 longer – it all depends on the iStore, though, since Amazon price matches whatever iStore puts it at, and they decided $9.95 for ALTB. Though it’s still $14.95 on Audible which Amazon owns so go figure that.

And really, I have no idea how many people buy audiobooks on Amazon vs. Audible… Presumably peeps who don’t listen to a ton of audiobooks will buy single serving books on the ‘zon, rather than subscribe on Audible.

I do have one little piece of marketing luck available to me – I’ve broken GTC up into twice as many chapters to make it more manageable as an audiobook. So, when said audiobook comes out, I can replace the GTC ebook with the new version, and get the ‘zon to notify all previous buyers (many many many of them over the years) that the book is being reissued with chapter breaks designed to match the New Audiobook, Available Now! and would they like to redownload it?

In a week or less, I’ll know how ALTB sold during that last week in April – not the perfect indicator of future sales, but at least I’ll have my first audiobook income, after a year of planning, despairing, trying, failing and finally getting it done…

Then I have to figure out which book to do next. I’d love to do Werewolves of Brooklyn… I really have no idea how different the audiobook audience might be from the ebook audience. I do know that Werewolves partially failed as an ebook because I was dumb enough to do a BookBub freebie that gave away thousands of copies, and to run a contest that probably convinced hundreds more not to buy it in case they won the lottery.

Though of course it also failed in paranormal because it was not a shifter/pack story, and had a unique cover rather than bare chests and Three Wolf Moon. (Blasphemy!) Many people told me, “I think it would do better if you changed the cover,” and I don’t doubt them. But fuck it. That guy on the cover?Without him, there would be no Albeus, no story. That handsome nameless Union soldier, that wicked grin, those piercing eyes…he is the story to me. So it goes.

But next I should probably do Marc and Jesse and Would I Lie to You? That was a much better seller, and if $$$ are the driving force right now…

On the bright side, I’m in full knock-em-out production mode and none of them, when I’m on track, should take more than six weeks to do now. Which means plenty more backlist titles on the shelf by the end of the year.

And I’m not writing, while I think about What I’m Really Doing In This Career And Where I Should Go Next, so other than editorial work and whatever P/T job I end up with, the majority of my creative time and energy will go into these for now.

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