June 2016

$25 to IAVA for “A Little Too Broken” June sales!

June 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah ok the exclamation point is a bit much for $25. But, on the bright side, I’m back in wide distribution again, out of KU completely as of end of day today! Which is a relief. Also, ALTB The Audiobook has now made $180 so far, so that’s another $90 committed on the “planned giving” thing – that is, I’m super poor but I want to also give 50% of ALTB:TA royalties but I can’t now because I’m super poor and I need that money now. Whereas donating $25 off of $50 in June ebook sales doesn’t really matter that much to my relative financial doom, I figure. Which is the sort of cavalier financial thinking, no doubt, that’s brought me to this precipice. That said! I’m days away, for reals, on finishing Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook. Hey, I figure, if I have to get a job again, I better get used to working a full time schedule now, so I’m putting in more Brad hours each weekday. TBH I’ve had it good for a [MORE]

I’m back on the WROTE podcast!

June 24, 2016 // 1 Comment

I’m back on the WROTE podcast! Talking about EuroPrideCon2016, the Importance of research when writing about tougher subject matter (mental illness or homophobia, for example), making the shift from MM Romance/Erotica to more mainstream fare (and making Dan Brown my bitch!) [MORE]

Back from Berlin, and thoughts on the “Wild West”

June 16, 2016 // 4 Comments

Back from Berlin! It was great to be at EuroPrideCon and meet, at last, so many of the humans I’ve only known as little status boxes on Facebook. It was a real native experience, let me tell you. I ended up in the ER my first morning, with a serious case of Traveler’s Tragedy. My socialized medicine cost me 300 Euro/$365 up front, but fortunately Mom talked me into buying $80 in travel insurance at the last moment. They drained my blood for testing and put me in a bed just like that – of course it was like 9 AM so the place was empty, not the case when I left. Within five minutes, they already knew from the blood that I was dehydrated, and stuck me with a fluid bag. The doctor was about Doogie Howser age, quickly reviewed me, and put me out in the waiting room when the fluid bag was drained (they needed the bed by then). A few minutes later he handed me a Cipro blister pack, the bill and lab results, and I was done. So my Berlin experience ended up more bourgeois than I planned. [MORE]

On Doing “Something Great”

June 4, 2016 // 9 Comments

Last post for a while, as I’m off to Berlin this week 🙂 BTW most of my novels will be back in iTunes, Google Play etc. over the next few days! So I haven’t written anything in months now, since the release of Strength in Numbers. It’s the longest I’ve gone in the 3.5 years I’ve been Brad Vance. Some of that is because I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my audiobooks, but some of it is simply burnout – not with writing, but with publishing. Yeah, the constant marketing and promotion, but also the overall Decline and Fall of the Selfpub Empire. We all know how bruising it’s been this year, seeing scammers make off with the lions’ share of the KU pot while Amazon shrugs and says, well, we’ll fix it for next time, but as far as all the money the criminals already took out of your pockets? You’re SOL, sorry. Rather than guarding our frontiers against barbarians, we spent all our money on Religious Police to make sure there’s no “about what you’d expect” [MORE]

“Given the Circumstances” Audiobook is delayed…

June 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I’m not gonna make my self-imposed deadline of next Monday. I could pump it out before then, force it to fit, but, it wouldn’t be great. I’m not the guy who gives his colon a Twitter feed, so I keep most health shit to myself – don’t worry, it’s minor, but I’ve had stomach issues all week and it’s really run me down. This a.m. I was trying to record chapter 17 and I realized, this is shit. I have no oomph, no power, I’m just…dictating a letter. And I thought, why am I killing myself for a self-imposed deadline? What difference in my income is it really going to make if this audiobook comes out two weeks later than planned? And how much less money will it make if it’s crappy, because the narrator was clearly exhausted? So I’m taking that stress off myself. Rather than racing through the last 20%, I’m going to wait. Go on vacation. Come back and be ready to hit it. It’s…no fun right now, and [MORE]