“Given the Circumstances” Audiobook is delayed…

Yeah, I’m not gonna make my self-imposed deadline of next Monday. I could pump it out before then, force it to fit, but, it wouldn’t be great. I’m not the guy who gives his colon a Twitter feed, so I keep most health shit to myself – don’t worry, it’s minor, but I’ve had stomach issues all week and it’s really run me down.

This a.m. I was trying to record chapter 17 and I realized, this is shit. I have no oomph, no power, I’m just…dictating a letter. And I thought, why am I killing myself for a self-imposed deadline? What difference in my income is it really going to make if this audiobook comes out two weeks later than planned? And how much less money will it make if it’s crappy, because the narrator was clearly exhausted?

So I’m taking that stress off myself. Rather than racing through the last 20%, I’m going to wait. Go on vacation. Come back and be ready to hit it. It’s…no fun right now, and you know, this is acting. If you’re not projecting that energy, that drama, and in this kind of book, that hot sexy sexin’ lustiness, well…you’re gonna close on opening night.

What I am going to get done before I go is reload a number of my novels on iTunes, BN, etc.! Yes, it’s true – the following books are OUT of KU:

Apollo’s Curse
Given the Circumstances
Have A Little Faith In Me
Strength in Numbers
The Worst Best Luck
Werewolves of Brooklyn
Would I Lie to You?

I really fucked up and forgot to unclick A Little Too Broken, which auto-renewed on May 29th…sigh. I’ve filed a desperate appeal with Amazon, and they’re considering it. If not, ALTB will be stuck in KU until the end of August.

This I can do before vacation; it’s just a case of removing the Amazon links from new copies of the books, and reactivating and reuploading them to Draft2Digital, Google Play and ARE. Fuck KU forever, fool me thrice etc…

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