$25 to IAVA for “A Little Too Broken” June sales!

Yeah ok the exclamation point is a bit much for $25. But, on the bright side, I’m back in wide distribution again, out of KU completely as of end of day today! Which is a relief.

Also, ALTB The Audiobook has now made $180 so far, so that’s another $90 committed on the “planned giving” thing – that is, I’m super poor but I want to also give 50% of ALTB:TA royalties but I can’t now because I’m super poor and I need that money now. Whereas donating $25 off of $50 in June ebook sales doesn’t really matter that much to my relative financial doom, I figure. Which is the sort of cavalier financial thinking, no doubt, that’s brought me to this precipice.

That said! I’m days away, for reals, on finishing Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook. Hey, I figure, if I have to get a job again, I better get used to working a full time schedule now, so I’m putting in more Brad hours each weekday. TBH I’ve had it good for a long time, and readjusting to an 8 hour day again? Gonna have to practice for that.


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