“Given the Circumstances” got a BOOKBUB again!

Yep, yep, July 31st – August 2nd, it’ll be .99 at all fine retailers. This is my first BookBub since November!

My first BookBub was in May 2014, and the reach was 40,000 people. The LGBT list is now… 256,000 people. It was $80 for 40k people, and $140 for 256k, 6x the audience, so it’s an even better deal than it was then. (To answer your question, yes, BookBub is always worth it regardless of genre, if you can get one.)

On my first one for Given the Circumstances, I sold almost 1,000 copies during the sale. I can’t expect 6,000 sales this time, but hell, I’ll take 1,000 again! Best part is, it’ll get people to the page to see the audiobook version as well.

I think I may have had problems getting BBs for a while because I was in KU; the program seems to favor wide disti over Amazon exclusivity. But our funny Uncle KU has…moved away, and let’s never speak of him again!

4 Comments on “Given the Circumstances” got a BOOKBUB again!

  1. Do you find a bookbub is worth it even if the book is a standalone? I’ve heard it is really only good for series.
    Not assuming any of my stuff would get accepted, anyway lol but just wondering.

    • It’s only good for a series when you’re doing a freebie , but I’m doing a $0.99 sale. Freebies are cheaper and I think it’s easier to get approved , but again not worth it for a standalone

  2. That kind of didn’t make sense 🙂 don’t spend the money on a freebie unless it’s the first in a series. Doing $0.99 on a stand-alone I’ve always gotten investment back

    • No worries, I knew what you meant. Thanks 🙂 I think I might try and submit and see if I can get approved.
      I’ve also heard that using a KU title is a bigger money maker because so many people will just click “borrow” as habit and then you get the page read $$ which is likely a lot more than the royalty on a .99 book. But I am slowly moving away from KU so I’m not sure if that will work out for me.
      With my luck I’d be the one who doesn’t even get the investment back lol

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