Surprise! “Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook” at 33%!

Yes, 1/3 of an audiobook done in 13 days. And it’s only taken that long because I’ve been busy on paid editing work. The factory is at full steam now! In fact, I may be producing faster than I can release – Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook is going on a blog tour 8/1, to coincide with the awesome mega .99 BookBub on 7/31 – 8/2. And if I finish AC in, say, 3-4 weeks max (I’m going for faster, more on that below), well crap – I won’t be able to get a new blog tour round as fast as that.

So, I’m not sure what to do. Park the finished version of AC, and wait a few more weeks, or just GO FOR IT and Facebook bomb it. If I can release a new audiobook every six weeks…holy crap.

Which may not be the case, for a good reason – I might be doing more than just my own books. I’ve put myself up on ACX as a narrator, and I’ve auditioned for two nonfiction books, and I plan on subbing a couple more auditions this week. I’m going to focus on nonfiction, if I can, because it’s…straightforward. Linear. Matter of fact, literally. As opposed to fiction, where you’re dealing with Other Artists with their Own Vision of the characters.

I’m focused on Per Finished Hour, but I have found an outfit that does royalty share on university press books – the royalties on that on Audible have got to be near $0, especially since the books themselves are making $0 on Amazon, and are often more than a few years old. So I’m assuming they’ll be making a lot of sales to university and other libraries? A lot of the scholarly history books they have up on ACX are, naturally, 200,000 word doorstoppers, but I think I’ll audition for one of the shorter, and livelier, titles. This one looks like it could be fun to do. That way if it’s all bogus and it ends in tears and I make $0, well, better to do that on a 50k book than on 200k.

I’m going to try and see how fast I can finish AC, if only to find out what’s a sustainable production rate for me. That way if I get any paid narrator jobs, I can give a reasonable “done by” date. There’s only so much talking into a mic you can do in one day, but I need to find out how much that is exactly.

Audiobooks are where the money is, kids…I just got the June $ for ALTB: The Audiobook, and… In a month in which I did exactly ZERO promotion for it, it made…$74 (may include overall quarterly earnings). That’s $250 I’ve made on one title, in ten weeks, without really trying. And it hasn’t been Whispersynced, which is pennies but still, it’s sales to peeps who wouldn’t pay $15 for an audiobook. I’m working with AuthorsRepublic on figuring out WTF that hasn’t happened yet, when GTC took like 6 days from release to go WhisperSync.

(Oh yeah, I got an answer on the GTC ebook repub and whether or not Amazon would push it out to previous buyers. Sort of.

We’ve reviewed the changes to your book ‘Given the Circumstances’, and we consider the content updates to be MINOR quality corrections.

Customers can now update the content on their “Manage Your Content and Devices” page (

At this time, customers who download eBooks through Kindle Unlimited don’t receive updated content. Our technical team is working on improving this process.

Which doesn’t really tell me if they’re telling anyone if it’s updated, or if they’ve just allowed them to redownload it should they ever find out it’s been updated, or what will happen to owners of the last version when they try to go all WhisperSync on it … SIGH. Fucking Amazon. Though you gotta hand it to them – managing your customer and vendor service entirely by form letter, while a horrible experience for providers like me, has got to be a cheap way of doing it.)

And I’m flogging the heck out of GTC:TA, so I’m expecting a nice payday at the end of August. Not to mention the snowball effect of having multiple titles out there, each one leading to potentially more sales of the others, just like my ebook backlist…

So, a return to Cubicle City is looking, at last, less likely each day.

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