“Werewolves of Brooklyn” is now… “Les loups-garous de Brooklyn”!

The French translation came in, and I wasted no time putting it on sale. Here are the Amazon and Apple links (Amazon US and FR):




Thanks to Juno Publishing! They approached me about translating a book last year, telling me that there’s a hungry MM market in France, but not enough books in French. Werewolves was their pick as the Book Most Likely To Succeed. I reached out to some other Juno clients to see if it would be worth the money, if they’d turned a profit on their translation, and the feedback was positive enough for me to go for it. The great thing is that they’ve not only translated it, but they’ll be promo’ing it in France.

I’ve sold 12 copies so far, and the translation was around $600. So I need about 150 sales to break even – hey, I’m already at 10% of that!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if Werewolves found an international market so lucrative that it would be worth my while to write a sequel, even if said sequel does bupkus in the US… 🙂

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