“Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook” at 58%!

Yeah, it’s moving. I’ve set it aside this last week. I’ve had some weird vocal thing where this huff/sigh escapes me at the end of sentences and I have to clench down on it. I need breathing yoga or something. Or a real vacation!

Honestly, I should have done Would I Lie to You? first, but I just had a block on the voice for Jesse. So I turned to my personal favorite book instead – Dane Gale is me, so, that was one voice I don’t have to think about! For Jackson, I just say, as sexily as I can, the words “maple syrup” (Dane’s description of his voice) at the beginning of each of his lines. If I fuck up and forget to edit one out, well, that’s why it’s there!

Besides the ease of the voices, some of my reasoning for going with AC was probably stupid – I just put out Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook, and it wasn’t likely I’d get another blog tour hard on its heels for another audiobook. So I could put out AC:TA quietly, having another on the shelf even if it wouldn’t go boom out the gate.

The end of August will give me sales #s on two weeks of GTC:TA at full price, plus whatever tail there is on A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook. The end of September gives me August’s bestseller #s for GTC as well as Whispersync sales, which will really truly let me know how much, long term, I can expect to make on audiobooks.

It appears that the world has not yet stopped to buy My Brilliant Idea. It is August, which is the worst time to ask tradpub for anything, but I couldn’t sit on it. And besides…if I waited till September, I’d be just one of a million in the crowd, wouldn’t I? I know, practically, that I’ll probably have to do what everyone else does: submit, sit and spin until someone gets around to reading the query, but, fuck, I had to take the opportunity the blog gives me to skip all that if at all possible. Nothing ventured etc.

My next writing project is actually a ghostwriting job, so, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tell you about it when it goes live. But, it’s $$$ for a book, which is not always the case when I publish my own.

On the down side, this delays further “Brad Vance” books, but, it also fends off the jaws of Cubicle City for a month. After that, I’ll be wrapping up the Game Players series with Game Theory. When I say “wrapping up,” I mean ending this trilogy, in case my departure from MM becomes official. If no grand prospects arise, I’m holding the door open for a second Mark and Jesse trilogy – who knows what tomorrow brings, etc.

I know there are people, esp. on Facebook, who wrinkle their nose when an author talks bluntly about “filthy lucre.” Well, dear, this is a business. The Keebler Elves don’t bake the books you read, nor are they plucked from a garden, requiring only water and sunshine. And I know that I was given the opportunity, through a private writers’ forum, to learn a lot about the nitty gritty of making a living at this shit, and I know that a lot of writers follow this blog to hear this shit. Anyone can say, “audiobooks are the coming thing!” but authors want to know: how much is the coming thing worth to me, really, exactly? I’m not a supermegabestselling author, but I will continue to share everything I learn.

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