$30 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,050 and counting!

The ebook made $60 in August, and the audiobook version made $30, so in addition to the $5,050 donated so far to IAVA and other veterans’ orgs, I’ve got $140 in the “planned giving” account. If you’re new here, that means “I’m also donating half the audiobook proceeds, but not yet because I’m fucking broke.”

I got my first sales figures from Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook! It made at least $330 in the first two weeks of release! That’s “at least” because some distis pay AuthorsRepublic on a quarterly basis, so there were sales I don’t see $ for until the end of October. The sales page says I moved 181 copies, but $330 ain’t right for that on a $15-20 title, so I have an email into them to get some clarity; I’m assuming those sales are the ones I don’t get paid for until after the quarter.

And then of course there’s August, in which it became the #2 gayrom audiobook bestseller, and I got Whispersync sales on it. (For some reason, Amazon both refuses to WS ALTB, and refuses to tell Authors Republic why they aren’t WS’ing ALTB…) We’ll see at the end of September how that went.

I’ve been stalled on Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook. Part of it was that my voice was “off,” but part of it is just overall emotional and creative exhaustion, I think. And those nagging voices (is this audiobook thing really worth it, you know you picked the wrong book to do next, la la la) don’t help. Seeing some real bucks come in for GTC:TA tells me that “this audiobook thing” is worth it. A lot of that fatigue comes from the uneasy sense that you’re shouting down a well (an apt analogy for audiobooks), and it’s been tough lately, trying to restore my motive power. And of course I dedicated a week to my Brilliant Tradpub Idea Series, which I’m happy I did even if it Ends In Tears.

So. It’s tough to do audiobooks when I’m down. It’s acting, you know? You have to have that spirit, that energy, and yeah I know, great actors show up sick and do the job anyway. But it’s just me, no cast mates, no director, no audience to boost me. I need to find that “oomph,” at least enough of it for an hour or two a day…

EDIT!!! I just got a BookBub for Would I Lie to You? on September 30!!! So, I’m going to put the AC audiobook aside and power through Would I Lie: The Audiobook in September, so it’s up and running and Whispersync’d (maybe) by then. Whoo hoo!

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