First 3 Chapters of “Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook” now on SoundCloud!

This is looking good for end of September release:

Not a lot of exclamation points today outside the obligatory one in the title – one of my cats passed away this week, quickly and inexplicably. And, well, if you’re an animal person, I don’t have to tell you, and if you’re not, I can’t. All the same, I’d committed to this end of September deadline, or more to the point, my September 30 BookBub for WILTY commits me to it if at all possible.

And work helps. Beats the hell out of curling up in a ball, you know?

I’ve got a “new sound,” I think – I started recording in the very early a.m., before my shower, before I leave the house. My pulse is lower, my voice hasn’t been exposed to any pollens or particulates, and I just sound…better, I think. You tell me…

6 Comments on First 3 Chapters of “Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook” now on SoundCloud!

  1. Very sorry for your loss. Been there way too many times!

  2. I am sorry, I’ve been there too.

    About recording first thing in the morning…when we wake up, we’re reborn in a sense, we’re brand new before we start remembering our past burdens and bringing them back into our new day. So, quickly, before that happens, keep recording when you are awake enough to make senses!

    I wish you the best.

  3. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m an animal person, I totally get it. Working through grief can definitely help, but I hope you go easy on yourself as much as possible.

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