“Would I Lie to You: The Audiobook” at 35%!

I’m about 5% behind my self-imposed schedule, but some mornings I just can’t meet quota on narration. My tonsils aren’t cooperating, or my sinuses, or the air quality, or the house clicks and clacks and creaks and forces retake after retake, or my stomach gurgles unremittingly, or Mr. Leonard decides that 5 am is when he finally wants to entertain himself by batting the scrunchie thingie around on the wooden floor upstairs.

That said. It’s moving along. My goal is to get it done by the 23rd, a week before the BookBub. Given previous time frames between audiobook sub and pub, seven days is the least amount of time I can expect to wait. (And Authors Republic has told me that’s quite the unusually speedy time frame.)

To think that the first audiobook took me, what? Eight months of trial and error? And I’m putting this together in…four weeks? I’m definitely getting better at this all the time.

I had some interesting feedback on the Brilliant Tradpub Thriller idea. I posed to Kboards, half for attention and half for a kick in the ass to overcome my morbid aversion to submitting queries or otherwise putting myself into that spin cycle of waiting-wishing-hoping-despairing that comes when you need other people to do something they may or may not be interested in doing.

Can you believe I totally forgot, in the original post, to mention that I had tradpub experience as “Orland”? Lots of Kboarders posted that there’s no way you’ll get an advance without a finished book, or some track record in tradpub. Oh shit! That’s right! It’s been so long that I just…forgot! That I did three books with Berkeley, two with Kensington, and three with Alyson! Oops!

But the best idea was from an author who recommended that I just…forget about this tradpub angle. That the idea was too “now” to sit and spin for 18-24 months before a publishing house could get it on the shelves. If I couldn’t write 300k on spec, I should break it up into 10-12 serial parts, pubbing one a month. (And of course if it Ends In Tears after two episodes, with zero public interest by then, well, I’d lose 2-3 months of my creative life and not 18.)

That still leaves the Cash Conundrum, of course. How to manage even that much time without guaranteed revenue producing work? Editing is slow right now, though I hope some of that was because of August, Labor Day, etc. and now people will be ready to get back to work.

I left off Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook at 55% or so to get this one out by the BookBub, but that means it’ll only take a few weeks in October to wrap that up and put it on the shelves.

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