October 2016

$25 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,100 and counting to veterans’ orgs!

October 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

And audiobook income from ALTB: The Audiobook was just under $20 (the price I pay for not being Whispersync’d) in September. As of now, I’ve made $325 on that audiobook, which means another $165 in “Planned Giving” I’ll be donating to veterans’ orgs when (if ever) I’m solvent again. A series of Perils of Pauline have kept me from doing a word of audio recording – bronchitis, a recurrence of bronchitis, and now I’m at the tail end of a head cold. I’ve taken down the link to my “for hire” audiobook narrator page. I didn’t get any work and, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, because I would have had to default. I can be sick as a dog and make deadlines on editing work, given enough coffee, but audio isn’t something you can power through when the instrument is broken. When I’m only responsible to myself, there’s no terrible consequence to missing deadlines on a big project. I’ve [MORE]

Audiobook news, and CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Officer Joe and “Writing the Other”

October 12, 2016 // 3 Comments

I have an audiobook intern! I’m teaching her the ins and outs of audiobook production, and in exchange for that, and some compensation because fuck unpaid internships, she’s going to be doing my editing for me – the part that’s so tiring that it makes me just go “ugggh” when I even think about it. I’ve been on recording hiatus for weeks with the bronchitis (flared back up), but…almost there. And if this works out, and all I have to do is narrate, I should be quite productive on the audiobook front. My other young apprentice (and yeah I’m using my Emperor Palpatine voice when I say that), a writer with whom I barter my editing and formatting skills in exchange for other tiring tasks I don’t want to do, has gone through the audio files for A Little Too Broken and flagged all the, surprisingly many, places I didn’t stick to the ebook word for word when I recorded. At the time I thought, fuck Whispersync (which requires [MORE]

Another KU cluster? Underreported pages read, or, SO GLAD I’m OUT!

October 3, 2016 // 0 Comments

Thanks to Sabrina Paige for bringing this up on Facebook. TL;DR, KU page counts have been messed up for recently published or updated titles (the last month or so). As in, books that you know are hawt sellers being off in their KENPage counts by 50-95%. And of course, it’s the inevitable Amazon response track. Tier 1, Problem Dismissal By Form Letter. Tier 2, successful author who has a rep/actual person to talk to raises the issue, then something happens. (If it doesn’t happen to a successful author, PDBFL continues until you, a mere nobody, get the final “fuck off” form letter.) Emails began to fly, initially meeting with a stalwart wall of “We looked into your pages read and can confirm that they are accurate.” Most of us took that and gave up. But one didn’t. They insisted on getting someone on the phone and elevating their issue up the chain. After thirty minutes on the phone, insisting something wasn’t right, something kind of miraculous [MORE]

$30 to Puppies Behind Bars from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,080 and counting to veterans’ orgs!

October 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

I realized I haven’t send PBB anything in almost a year; it’s been all IAVA. Mostly because the amounts have been too small to split, but…they are listed on the book, right? So I’m sending this month’s $ to them. That’s actually 100% of ALTB ebook royalties for September – yeah, it’s been slooooow for that one, and it just sounds, you know, cheap to put $15 in a post title announcing my generosity. (This is why you’re poor, a little voice whispers offstage.) The audiobook made only $20 in August… ouch. But that’s because it’s not Whispersync’d, and after five months, we finally got an answer: the ebook and audiobook are not a word for word match. A Kind Person is going to listen to the audiobook with the ms in front of her and see where they don’t match, so I can fix that. Even the miserable pennies from a WS sale are better than, you know, $0.00. I’ve found another org I like the look of, [MORE]

“Would I Lie to You?” Hits the #1 Spot!

October 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

That was in Gay Fiction, it only got to #2 in Gay Romance. Today’s the second day, which is always a big slide from day 1. But…when you consider how very, very few books on either list are *not* in Kindle Unlimited, it’s a pretty big deal. Amazon weights those page reads towards your “sales” rank, so it took me 520 copies sold in one day to make it to that spot. What I’ve learned from multiple BookBubs is that the Amazon top 200 is the “silicon ceiling” – I saw WILTY’s sales rank go from 300,000 up to 245 in the space of a day thanks to a BB, but I’ve never cracked that 200 ranking with a BookBub. Those books are all either selling 600+ copies a day, or sales plus equivalent in whatever system Amazon uses with page reads to equal a “sale” in the rankings. So pretty much anyone in the top 200 is making fuckin’ bank. That said. I’m satisfied with my BookBub purchase, as always. I picked up 20 [MORE]