“Would I Lie to You?” Hits the #1 Spot!

That was in Gay Fiction, it only got to #2 in Gay Romance. Today’s the second day, which is always a big slide from day 1. But…when you consider how very, very few books on either list are *not* in Kindle Unlimited, it’s a pretty big deal. Amazon weights those page reads towards your “sales” rank, so it took me 520 copies sold in one day to make it to that spot.

What I’ve learned from multiple BookBubs is that the Amazon top 200 is the “silicon ceiling” – I saw WILTY’s sales rank go from 300,000 up to 245 in the space of a day thanks to a BB, but I’ve never cracked that 200 ranking with a BookBub. Those books are all either selling 600+ copies a day, or sales plus equivalent in whatever system Amazon uses with page reads to equal a “sale” in the rankings. So pretty much anyone in the top 200 is making fuckin’ bank.

That said. I’m satisfied with my BookBub purchase, as always. I picked up 20 sales of Strength In Numbers yesterday at $5, so that’s $3.20 x 20 = $60 or so to add to the $185 I made off the sale price of WILTY, earning back the $140 the BookBub cost. And, there is a “rising tide” effect from BBs, that lifts the sales of my backlist at least a little every time.

I’m looking into getting an intern to help with audiobook production. I’ve talked before about “green pie” vs. “yellow pie” tasks, that Emergenetics work-preference thing. I’m 55% yellow, Creative, and 3% green, the “Structural” type who likes rules, predictability, etc. People who can happily run payroll every two weeks, forever, the same tasks exactly the same way over and over and over…lot of Green there. I find Green tasks exponentially more exhausting – 10 minutes of Green is harder than 100 minutes of Yellow. This naturally impedes progress on audiobook development because audio editing is close work, with creativity in the mix only when you artistically cut a glitch that would otherwise require a retake.

I think of it as cooking v. cleaning. I love to cook, what I hate is cleaning up after myself. Can’t someone else do it? The cat has not volunteered yet, so no.

So we’ll see. I’m a perfectionist control freak, but I’m also tired and overextended. I would get a lot more audio out the door if I didn’t have to do all the boring parts myself, I can tell you that.

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