$30 to Puppies Behind Bars from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,080 and counting to veterans’ orgs!

I realized I haven’t send PBB anything in almost a year; it’s been all IAVA. Mostly because the amounts have been too small to split, but…they are listed on the book, right? So I’m sending this month’s $ to them. That’s actually 100% of ALTB ebook royalties for September – yeah, it’s been slooooow for that one, and it just sounds, you know, cheap to put $15 in a post title announcing my generosity. (This is why you’re poor, a little voice whispers offstage.)

The audiobook made only $20 in August… ouch. But that’s because it’s not Whispersync’d, and after five months, we finally got an answer: the ebook and audiobook are not a word for word match. A Kind Person is going to listen to the audiobook with the ms in front of her and see where they don’t match, so I can fix that. Even the miserable pennies from a WS sale are better than, you know, $0.00.

I’ve found another org I like the look of, Operation Gratitude, which proudly posts their (necessary to me) four star Charity Navigator rating on their front page. They send packages of the necessaries to troops abroad, everything from foot powder to DVDs. Having read Fobbit and some other books on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I want to make sure whatever I send goes to whoever is posted in the most desolate reaches of Buttfuckistan, not to someone with ready access to a PX, so we’ll see if that’s possible to specify with them. I’m “in the hole” $150 now on audiobook royalties-to-be-donated, so if my ship comes in before the end of the year, I’ll probably do a big ass package via Operation Gratitude to cover the whole spend.

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