Another KU cluster? Underreported pages read, or, SO GLAD I’m OUT!

Thanks to Sabrina Paige for bringing this up on Facebook.

TL;DR, KU page counts have been messed up for recently published or updated titles (the last month or so). As in, books that you know are hawt sellers being off in their KENPage counts by 50-95%.

And of course, it’s the inevitable Amazon response track. Tier 1, Problem Dismissal By Form Letter. Tier 2, successful author who has a rep/actual person to talk to raises the issue, then something happens. (If it doesn’t happen to a successful author, PDBFL continues until you, a mere nobody, get the final “fuck off” form letter.)

Emails began to fly, initially meeting with a stalwart wall of “We looked into your pages read and can confirm that they are accurate.” Most of us took that and gave up. But one didn’t. They insisted on getting someone on the phone and elevating their issue up the chain.

After thirty minutes on the phone, insisting something wasn’t right, something kind of miraculous happened: On Friday Sept 30, Amazon admitted that there’s a problem on their end and that they have to get their legal team involved.

Umm…legal team, huh? Wow. Not their software team, or their QA team, but legal? What’s that all about?





(Okay, the Nick and Kyle bundle exits tomorrow, then I’m 100% out!)

Meanwhile! Very successful BookBub for Would I Lie to You? (And I stopped getting BB’s when I was in KU; they’re pretty weighted towards people who are multi-platform.)

All told, I had EDIT MATH IS HARD 830 copies sold, which = $290 in .99 royalties, or $150 over cost. Plus, a jump in sales of Strength in Numbers, 40 copies sold since Friday, @ 70% or $3.50 royalty, for another $140 so far. And of course, I can look forward to some of the “wide tail” effect a bestseller creates when you have a deep backlist, and people gobble your other books up like potato chips (you hope).

I’d even consider keeping WILTY at .99, especially if it’s driving SIN sales, but the whole BookBub thing is about getting a short term deal; they want to see the price go back up after the sale. Still! If I’ve had 5% of WILTY readers already spend another $5 on SIN, I’m a happy man. We’ll see how long that goes on.

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