$25 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,100 and counting to veterans’ orgs!

And audiobook income from ALTB: The Audiobook was just under $20 (the price I pay for not being Whispersync’d) in September. As of now, I’ve made $325 on that audiobook, which means another $165 in “Planned Giving” I’ll be donating to veterans’ orgs when (if ever) I’m solvent again.

A series of Perils of Pauline have kept me from doing a word of audio recording – bronchitis, a recurrence of bronchitis, and now I’m at the tail end of a head cold. I’ve taken down the link to my “for hire” audiobook narrator page. I didn’t get any work and, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, because I would have had to default.

I can be sick as a dog and make deadlines on editing work, given enough coffee, but audio isn’t something you can power through when the instrument is broken. When I’m only responsible to myself, there’s no terrible consequence to missing deadlines on a big project.

I’ve started taking acting classes, and attended a workshop on voiceover work. It turns out that much of the VO work is available via direct online audition, and almost all the VO artists work from home studios. No agent required! The money is crap and rare for animation or video game work, but… Well, I haven’t played a video game since Ms. Pac Man took all my quarters, or read a comic book since I spent my last allowance at 7-11, so I’m neither interested in nor qualified for that realm.

But! There’s also commercial work, which is where the $ are at – not only do you get paid for the work, but you get residuals every time the commercial airs. Kiba Walker, the guy who did the workshop, has an uncle who makes a good living being the voice of T-Mobile in commercials. Now that’s something I could get into.

So I will keep you posted on audiobook progress on Apollo’s Curse and Would I Lie to You? It’s not laziness that’s keeping me from progressing, just…lung crap.

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