A Holiday in Trumbodia, Or, My Doorstopper Thriller Redux

Yeah, if you’re L, G, B, T or any other letter that roomies with those on a regular basis, it’s a bad bad day. And what better day to resurrect that thriller idea where everybody over 50 dies, than on a day when inter-generational resentment and division is more apparent than ever?

Am I trying to cash in on a terrible day? Fuck yeah, I better. I’m already paying $12k a year for insurance and out of pocket expenses, just to stay alive, and a Republican congress and president will ensure that only the rich will survive a serious illness in the New Economic Order to come. (You’re laughing, but you were laughing a year ago, weren’t you?) So I better get my shit together and write this book.

I haven’t done anything with it since that series of blog posts, my usual Magical Thinking that “they would find me,” I know. But I think it has new life now, not just in my mind – I can only imagine how well this idea would touch a nerve today.

Oh, yeah, here’s the Query Letter, slightly modded from before:

Brexit. Trump. Homophobic laws. Most supporters are over fifty. Does social progress mean waiting for them to die?

In the next six months, most of them will.

The virus is selective. Once it’s obvious who succumbs, America’s generational divide will pit young against old in a new civil war.

Jeremiah Bridges, a young HIV-positive recovering addict, discovers that the antiviral medications keeping him alive also keep this new virus at bay. If the world discovers that, the medications will be diverted in a harsh triage, and he and his family will die.

Junior Senator Solange Pierre is thrust into power when 85% of her colleagues drop dead. When she learns what Jeremiah knows, she must make decisions that alter the fates of millions.

Ruthless billionaire Harwick Cromwell, intent on living forever, will burn the world for another five minutes of life. With a private army on his payroll, he will gamble for absolute power and life extension by any means.

Derek Reed is a burned-out Army captain, thrust back into service and the burden of leadership. He must make peace with his father before it’s too late, and decide whether he lets others play God, or if he leads a revolution.

The lines of all their lives will meet in a struggle to determine the future of mankind.

Genetic Comet is a WIP that will run 200-300,000 words. Readers who enjoyed the works of Michael Crichton are the target audience. This is planned as a standalone novel with resolution of its major character arcs, although the world building could support series/sequels.

Originally, Jeremiah was over fifty, to give us one hero who wasn’t young, but I thought about it and, really, I could lose that. He could be say 30 and still be a survivor, on the HIV pills for years. Though I’m more than glad to change it back. Whatever you want, baby, you’re writing the check…

So yeah. Time to get my shit together and start querying agents. Shit is going to get real for those of us who have serious illnesses – say hello again to our old friends like “lifetime caps,” “pre-existing conditions,” “redlining” and all the insurance companies’ other favorite killer hits…

On a lighter note, I showed a copy of the cover mockup above to my mom, and we had this exchange.

“It says you’re a New York Times bestselling author.”

“Right, that’s just to put it in the mind of the editor or agent that it could be that.”

“I think it’s false advertising.”

“No, it would be if that was the cover of a real published book. This is…”

“You could change it to ‘New York Limes.'”


“I just think you could get in trouble for that.”

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