1,300 views of my Gayrom v. Trump post…

More than any post ever. This is why I don’t tweet, or Vine. This is why I blog. Because to make a real argument, you need space. Time. Words. A chain of reasoning. A hashtag may express anger, but it doesn’t explain it or, more importantly, justify it.

And God damn it felt good. I think we were all in shock for a few days, feeling scared and powerless. And shocked. Did I mention the shock?

I know it’s exaggerated because there’s no mass murder going on over it, but in a lot of ways, I can see how it must have felt to live in some of those towns in Bosnia after the breakup of Yugoslavia. One day you and your neighbors live side by side, in peace…and then the next, you suddenly discover either how much they hated you all this time, or at least how little you mattered to them.

You’re a dirty Croat and he’s a filthy Serb and you’re “us” and they’re “them” and out come the knives and the bombs and it’s not that you have to choose a side, it’s that the side has been chosen for you, long ago. And your neighbor stabs you and says, sorry about that, it’s not personal, but I have to do this to Make Serbia Great Again.

I liked John Scalzi’s argument about HBO and Cinemax – you want HBO but they make you take Cinemax. Fine, I want HBO. But you got Cinemax and you said you don’t want it. I know. But I wanted HBO so I don’t really care.

You know “Skinemax” is not what you want your kids to watch. (I’m altering and extending his argument here but I can’t resist.) But you wanted HBO more than you cared about that. You’re willing to subscribe to some softcore porn you find distasteful, if you get HBO. You can pretend it’s not there, right? If you get to watch Joffrey Make Westeros Great Again.

Of course, the analogy fails because Cinemax never beat anyone up, and nobody jumped out of your TV during “Cinemax After Dark” and grabbed you by the pussy.

I think what I wanted to do was to break that fourth wall, you know? To be Tyrion Fucking Lannister and take a huge quaff of wine and turn to the camera and say, YOU BOUGHT PORN SO YOU COULD SEE THIS.

I wanted to say, you don’t get to pretend that you didn’t just fuck up the lives of the people, gay or trans or bi or what the fuck ever you wanna call yourself, who you root for “onscreen.” You can’t cheer now when they find happiness after having overcome so many obstacles.

Because you’re the one who put the obstacles there.

I don’t have the power to change what happened, but I can, at least, do that.

2 Comments on 1,300 views of my Gayrom v. Trump post…

  1. Lol you need to catch up, Vine is obsolete! 😛

    And 1300 views, very nice, very very nice!

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