$25 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,125 and counting to veterans’ orgs!

Yeah, we had a $50 month on ALTB: The Ebook. A grand total of $14 on ALTB: The Audiobook, but… Amazon has just totally refused to Whispersync it, even though I edited the ebook to match the existing audiobook, word for word. At a certain point, you just say fuck it. It’ll never be Whispersync’d. Fuck Amazon in the fucking fuckhole.

Anyway! That does take “planned giving” up to $185 on the ALTB audiobook. That is, the 50% of the audiobook royalties that I’ll be donating, when I’m not dead broke and can afford to do that, too. Right now I’m broke and I need that for rent, so, yeah. When I’m rich, I’ll pay that out to IAVA etc., and I’m keeping the tab running until then. I am an American, so I get fucked in the fuckhole January 1 with a massive new insurance deductible/out of pocket,  too.

I really truly am going to get more audio going. I’ve had bronchitis, twice, and am now on an inhaler, for allergies or asthma or death rattle or something. And, I wrecked my digestive system with two rounds of antibiotics, to the point where my stomach sounded like a bubbling tar pit every time I ate, you know, anything at all. So that was definitely a no no when recording audio.

I DO have a young Padewan, now, in training, who will be shouldering some of the editing work for a book or two, before she goes her own way, fully trained in the ways of the Force. So that will help me get more stuff done, since I do so hate the editing part.

Oh Yeah. I’ve also been pouring all my energy into a novel. I’ll have my name on a gayrom coming out in December 🙂

I know, surprise!! But it wasn’t officially “co authored” by me until recently. I’ll be sure to let you know when it releases.

It’s the first book I’ve done with a publisher, and, honestly? It’s been great. Knowing that the lion’s share of all that sales and marketing is not my problem. That I can live the dream of Just Writing. I think it’s a really good book, too. Of course I’ll let you know more details when I have them…

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing plays as the mood strikes me. Nobody’s reading them, or, at least, just the three of you who hit the page every time I publish 🙂

People don’t want to read what I write, they want to read what I wrote about “A Little Life,” or Josh Lanyon. Fuck! All my traffic is on shit I wrote about some other author, and it’s sure as shit not helping ME sell any more books.

For some mysterious reason, that “A Little Life” post has been skyrocketing in popularity this month… But my sales haven’t… Grrr…

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