“Apollo’s Curse: The Audiobook” at 73%, early January release!

I KNOW. Yadda yadda yadda. But I’m getting it done. My padewan is doing the editing, and I’m dealing with all my challenging challenges, the latest of which is, naturally, the crash of my audiobook PC days after I restart narrating.

I’m skint on $ right now, so rather than taking it in to the shop, I’ve moved the setup into the office and connected it all to the writing PC. As you can see, it’s like an olde tyme camera situation – I have to pull that mattress cover over my head to deal with room echo. SIGH. But I just need to finish it.

Oh, and remind me never ever ever again to write a book with foreign accents. I know I’m gonna get all kinds of one-stars in the narrator column for the irregularities and overall crappiness of the accents, but fuck it I’ll take it.

The audiobook thing has been frustrating, with all my lung problems and stomach gurgles and now equipment failures. And the money, so far, is skint. Whispersync is highway robbery by Amazon, but without it, you don’t make any money at all, because people will just go get someone else’s ebook and the accompanying $1.99 audiobook instead of using an Audible credit or, god forbid, paying $15/20 for the audiobook.

It’s all about “delighting the customer” at Amazon, but we all know that the dark side of that cheery corporate aphorism, never mentioned in all those shiny marketing blah blah presentations online, is that it requires “fucking the content producer.”

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